These 13 Mudroom Ideas Are the Key to an Organized Home

mudroom design ideas

Mindy Gayer Design Co.

Ah, the mudroom: if you're lucky enough to have a space in your home dedicated to storing those muddy boots, outdoor accessories, and seasonal must-haves, you might suspect that organizational skills are second-nature. However, there's more to a well-functioning mudroom than meets the eye—while there's no debate that having this handy extra room can make it much easier to keep things in the rest of the home neat and tidy, this space can come with its challenges. (Case in point: when you have a room that's *meant* to be messy, it's all the more difficult to keep it from becoming an overcrowded, chaotic dumping ground for all manner of things. Especially when kids and pets are added to the mix.)

Luckily, these inspiring in-between spaces show us just what a mudroom should be—clean and organized, and optimally arranged for dashing out the door in any season. Whether you plan to use your mudroom as a dumping ground for dog toys and essentials for "walkies", or an all-season space to swap tennis rackets and scuba flippers for snowshoes and shovels, having an intuitive place for everything is key. Who knows—after a few tips from these top-notch mudrooms, you might find that this small room becomes the hardest-working (and most essential) one in your house.

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Levitation Trick

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Take note: a floating bench is nothing short of genius when it comes to your entryway space. Not only does it making vacuuming this high-traffic area a breeze (goodbye, dust bunnies!) but it lets you tuck boots and shoes out of the path of foot traffic once you arrive home. Put another way? We're saying "why didn't we think of that?!" under our breath.

Not able to spring for a custom-built solution? Look for a freestanding bench with a wide lip and set-back legs to achieve a similar effect.

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Drawer Hack

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Anne Hepfer

It's far from uncommon for mudrooms to have shoe cubbies, but this two-tone take on the established style is stealing our hearts for another reason—the deep drawers that make up the benches. Not only does the "light on top, dark on the bottom" cabinetry color scheme remind us of our favorite kitchen trend of late, but we're absolutely swooning thinking about never having an avalanche of scarves and mittens rain down on us from above. With this setup, you just slip on your boots, select your favorite gloves from the drawer, and go. Pure sophistication.

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Whole Grain

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Artistic Tile

Another take on the well-loved cubby look, this mudroom goes the rustic route with gorgeous tiles that mimic the look of reclaimed wood and a custom bench seat to match. (Joanna Gaines would approve.)

artistic tile floor
Artistic Tile Loft Gray Porcelain Field Tile $11 per square foot
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Blue Dream

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Artistic Tile

Because of its small size, a mudroom is the *perfect* place to try out a bold color scheme or high-impact design decision. (Just think of it as an experiment-friendly zone, like a powder room.) We love how this utilitarian space is made over with a luxe feel in an unexpectedly rich blue hue and oversized hexagonal tile—the perfect way to perk yourself up before heading out the door.

large black hexagon tile
Artistic Tile Saigon Black Porcelain Hexagon Field Tile $10
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The Great Divide

mudroom ideas

 Design: Liz Caan, Photo: Michael J. Lee

Trying to turn a hallway into a mudroom stand-in space? Substantial and stylish barn doors can be just the solution for providing some separation in a formerly open space. Take the separation idea a step further and dole out individual cubbies—from floor to ceiling—to each member of the household to ensure nobody's prized jean jacket ever ends up MIA. This system will certainly make mornings easier—especially when headed for the school rush.

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Moody Mudroom

mudroom ideas

Mindy Gayer Design Co.

Just because it's practical, doesn't mean it needs to be straight-laced. This glam mudroom masters several of our favorite design trends—from the textural chevron motif of the wood, to the dark and dramatic paint color, to the elegant yet understated brass hooks. There's plenty of personality built into this high-function area.

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Flower Power

mudroom design ideas

Design: Megan Hersch, Architect: R Douglas Mansfield

A mudroom needn't be purely utilitarian, of course—designer Megan Hersch (founder of virtual design service roomLift) created this space as a sanctuary for a client who loved flower arranging. While it also houses plenty of space for storage and laundry essentials, it's a dreamy escape disguised as the most functional space in any home.

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Off The Wall

mudroom design ideas

Ashley Clark

Don't be afraid to use an over-the-top wallpaper or mural in your mudroom—chances are, it'll bring a smile to your face every time you see it (which means every time you leave the house or come home). We love the contrast between these clean white cubbies and the bold mural—plus, the idea to keep a handsome hamper in your mudroom for gym bags, sports jerseys, and anything else that's all too easy to forget about laundering is a major home hack.

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On Track

mudroom ideas

Ashley Clark

If you've ever dreamt of having a dramatic library ladder at home (a la Beauty and The Beast), now's your chance. This repurposed vintage staple makes sense in a mudroom, where out-of-season pieces can be stored high above when not in use. Perk things up with some cheery and unexpected floor tile, and you've got the makings of a dream come true.

blue starburst tile
Moroccan Mosiac Tile Menara Cement Tile $23
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Show Off

mudroom ideas

Design: Nancy Mayerfield, Photo: Paul Johnson

While our love of drawers is well-documented, a little open shelving never hurt—especially when it can be used as display space. With all your most reached-for items tucked away and organized in drawers, use open shelving as an opportunity to display some beloved treasures and add a chic, sophisticated touch to your mudroom. After all, it's part of your home, too.

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Spotlight, Please

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Brooke Jones

Take a well-segmented cubby system a step further: everyone gets their own sconce to spotlight the space. We love how this symmetrical scheme shines a glamorous light on this storage space.

metal wall sconce
Hudson Valley Lighting Mark D. Sikes Metal No.2 Wall Sconce $550
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mudroom ideas

 Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Tramp

There's so much we want to copy in this space. First off, the contrasting cubbies and cabinets are ultra-appealing—the on-trend shade of deep sage is striking, while the white cubbies opposite keep the space from feeling gloomy or claustrophobic. But most of all, we like the idea of giving Fido his own space for dinnertime that keeps the splash zone contained with a stately tray—and the prominently displayed leash on a dedicated hook makes the zone feel even more personal for man's best friend.

galvanized tray
Crate and Barrel Decker Galvanized Tray $30
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Stylish Stand-In

mudroom ideas

Design: Lauren Nelson Design, Photo: Aubrie Pick


In California where mudrooms aren't so common, a wide entryway makes for a chic replacement. "Fake" your own mudroom with a dedicated space for shoes (as well as a bench to help you put them on), and a landing pad for mail and other must-haves. Then, dial up the style as seen here—a highly personal gallery wall welcomes all who enter.

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