15 Mouthwatering Mug Recipes for When You Don't Want to Do the Dishes

When I was in college, I would do anything for a tasty meal outside the dining hall. Occasionally, that meant a mess in my dorm room, where the only real tools at my disposal were plates, cups, and flatware. I can say with confidence that mug desserts became a staple of my diet if only to add some flavor to my life—literally.

Whoever created this movement of mug meals is nothing short of a genius. The ingredients list is typically short, and cook time is even shorter, all without dirtying a sink-full of dishes. It is a convenient hack that is great for beginner cooks and lazy adults alike, and it's growing in favor among foodies as well. If you fall into any of these categories, then go ahead and bookmark this page now.

We have scoured the internet for some of the best mug recipes for you to whip up when you need a single-serve meal in a jiff (even if the recipe says that it serves two). We found breakfasts, desserts, snacks, and more desserts, so before you try these out, you may want to loosen your belt a bit. Most need just a mug and a microwave to prepare; be sure to check the power of your microwave before starting it up for fear of under or overbaking. Don’t forget to grab a spoon.