9 Space-Saving Essentials That Won't Cramp Your Style

When moving in with your S.O., outfitting a tiny apartment with all the essentials is much like putting together an intricate thousand-piece puzzle, and it usually requires a lot of creativity. Whether you’re a bride-to-be faced with the challenge of finding just the right mix of multipurpose registry items or are starting fresh by signing a brand-new lease, a small space can present quite the challenge when it comes to picking out necessities that don’t compromise on style. We’ve suffered through several square-footage nightmares of our own, so we now know a thing or two about tracking down practical yet fashionable finds that save space. From a foldable full bar to a chic coffeemaker that won’t take over your entire countertop, shop our favorite multipurpose finds for small spaces.


This nearly invisible accent is the answer to creating your own small-space library. The shelving all but disappears behind the spines of your favorite tomes, which you can properly display as a smart, space-saving element of design in your living area or bedroom.


When your living area can only accommodate a small seating arrangement, a pouf is the perfect piece to turn to for some much-needed flexibility. Swing it in front of your couch or chair for a comfortable footrest, top it with a tray as an extra tabletop for food and drinks, or use it as an extra seat when you have guests over. The metallic leather material adds an eye-catching flourish to any space, and the pouf itself is as practical as it is pretty.


This collapsible tray table can convert into a nightstand, bar cart, or bookshelf. The table is about as multipurpose as it gets, providing you with the flexibility to switch up your space for any occasion. Fill the large rectangle tray-topper with festive glassware and your favorite liquor for a friendly get-together, or line it with books, a lamp, and a potted plant to make a perfectly stylish addition to the living room. If you’re in need of extra space, fold up the legs and let the tray fly solo on your coffee table or kitchen counter.



Nothing beats the sophistication that comes with serving your morning cup of coffee from a French press. The matte ceramic exterior with fancy copper hardware ups the design element of your kitchen, ensuring that your morning cup of joe is consistently fresh and delicious. The best part? The sleek pitcher only takes up a small corner of your countertop when compared to the usual massive machines that can overwhelm a teeny, tiny kitchen.


Whether you’re into entertaining or entertainment, we’ve never seen a piece of furniture as magical and multipurpose as this bar-and-media-cart combo. The compact wooden piece is designed with extendable doors that open into a full bar rivaling that of your favorite neighborhood haunt. The third shelving compartment is the perfect hiding spot for all of your tech gadgets or media devices, while providing a spacious surface area on top for your television or other fun décor you'd want to see at eye level.


What can’t you cook in this one-pot wonder? The answer is nothing. This is the perfect stovetop pot for any delicious creation, from your standard pasta sauce to a more complicated tikka masala. Available in a wide range of colors, the pot is made of cast iron, which happens to the safest and most effective cookware to keep in your kitchen.


Though your space is limited, you won’t have to forgo hosting dinner parties or gatherings for your favorite guests when you have this foldable (and in our minds ingenious) dining table. The interchangeable design can expand to seat four (or more) but will also collapse for two, or just you, in any nook you designate as your eating area. The tabletop can also fold up entirely to be stowed away with ease in a closet or up against the wall when you’re in need of some extra open space.


Hang the trio of shiny stainless-steel strainers on the wall as décor, and select the appropriate size for use while cooking any kind of cuisine. From steaming or straining fresh vegetables to topping your baked goods with an extra touch of powdered sugar, this trio gets the job done.


Put out a bottle of perfectly chilled bubbly for an at-home celebration, or keep your cubes intact without fighting plastic trays to ice down your everyday drink of choice. The textured aluminum bucket is so cool (pun intended) you won’t mind keeping it out in the open for added convenience.

What is your favorite multipurpose piece for the home?