Do You Really Need to Take Multivitamins? Nutrition Experts Explain

For healthy and not-so-healthy eaters alike, the topic of multivitamins can be controversial and confusing. Many people who eat clean see a multivitamin as a way to amplify the results of their healthy diet, whereas those who don’t put as much focus on eating well figure taking one will help make up for any deficiencies their diet leaves them with. Others forgo them completely because they’ve heard that multivitamins don’t do anything. In reality, the truth is a combination of all three of these viewpoints, experts say. Vitamins are more like gap-fillers than cure-alls, and you have to pick them carefully. Choosing a low-quality multivitamin has virtually no benefits, and no amount of supplementation can make up for a diet exclusively made up of pizza, french fries, and wine. (Bummer.)

Here’s what nutrition experts had to say about the multivitamin debate, plus their tip on how to pick one if you do choose to take them.

Do Most People Need a Multivitamin?

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