My Favorite Space: Cat Deeley

British TV personality Cat Deeley lovingly refers to The Beverly Hills Hotel as "her local." And while it's a far cry from her native neighborhood pub, the storied landmark--with its iconic Paul Williams signage, pink façade, and romantic bell towers--does happen to be located conveniently down the street from the residence the So You Think You Can Dance host shares with her husband, Irish comedian Patrick Kielty. But her attachment goes beyond the convenience of proximity and the trademark Hinson & Company Martinique banana leaf wallpaper she characterizes as "out of this world." The clincher for Deeley lies in the fact that the hotel, built in 1912 by architect Elmer Gray in Mission Revival style, is where she and her husband got together, after Kielty surprised her in 2011 by hopping on a plane from Ireland to LA with 24-hours notice, to attend her birthday party there. We asked Deeley to tell us more about her home away from home. Other than the amazing wallpaper, what are your favorite decor highlights? The look of it is completely timeless. It harks back to this über-glamorous era when starlets were incredibly feminine, and I think it's a very feminine place. The Polo Lounge for example--I just love the vibe there: it's old school, but really prissy too. The outside space might be my favorite, with the fairy lights in the trees. My house is quite modern, actually, but I've kind of taken that look from them for my lounging area. Now that we've talked business, we must hear more about your husband's big romantic gesture. We'd known each other for ten years--we grew up together--and it was my birthday, so Patrick called me to find out what I was doing to celebrate. Some friends and I were going to have a late Sunday brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel, listen to a bit of jazz, and have a glass of champagne. And he said, "I'll meet you there." This was the day before, and he got on a plane and flew from Ireland to London, then from London to LA. We've been together ever since. Given that you're a regular, can you share the most surreal Hollywood moment you've witnessed at the hotel? Last year the hotel was celebrating its 100th anniversary, and I went to the party. Warren Beatty was there, and I remember him turning around and saying, "The amount of McCarthy salads I've eaten here and the number of women that I've brought here--thank God these walls can't talk." If you're not lucky enough to live right down the street from The Beverly Hills Hotel, you can recreate the look at home by shopping our picks below.   shop-look  
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  Photographs: 1. Justin Coit 2. Catherine Corman 3-4. Courtesy Beverly Hills Hotel 5. Bob Willoughby 6-13. Courtesy Beverly Hills Hotel