L.A. vs. NYC—Real Girls Share What They Actually Eat in 24 Hours

One year ago, I would have described myself as a pretty healthy person. I cooked my own meals almost every night, ate salads for lunch every day, and led a generally active life. Then, New York happened. When I first moved to the city, I thought my diet and lifestyle changes were only temporary. I'd just moved to one of the best foodie destinations in the world, after all—it's only natural that I'd want to eat out all the time!

When our L.A.-based editorial director, Sacha, came to visit our office, I realized that we were both living, breathing clichés of the L.A. vs. NYC lifestyles: She swigged kombucha at her desk; I guzzled iced coffee. She took us out to a vegan restaurant; I grabbed a slice of pizza on the way home.

But here's the thing: Since moving to this city, I've actually lost 11 pounds. I walk more and drink almost a gallon of water a day. So how do our diets actually stack up? To find out, we asked Abby Sauer, MPH, RD, at Abbott to give it to us straight. We kept an honest food diary for 24 hours and asked her to review each meal. Here's what we discovered about our diets:

Tell us: How did your diet compare to our New York– and Los Angeles–based editors?