MyDomaine Editors Share Their Ultimate Dream Rooms

Remember salivating over Barbie Dreamhouse commercials and reaching what was surely peak ecstasy levels when you were finally gifted with your very own three-story pink mansion with its very own operational elevator? As the envy of town (or your playmates), you spent hours picking and rearranging the plastic furniture, or even creating mini bouquets for the tiny vases, dreaming up the perfect life for this plastic doll.

Then you graduated to dreaming up the perfect life for yourself: ripping out pages in magazines, collaging together your soul mate with your perfect dress for your ideal wedding. Our dreams then were simpler than they are now—but perhaps just as unattainable.

Now, we still think about our Dreamhouse, but it’s splashed with cat scratches on the leather sofa and crayon wax that refuses to leave the walls. So, in a bout of nostalgia and some wishful thinking, we asked the MyDomaine editors to play house and collage their ultimate dream rooms where money was no object. In our opinion, the best place to start when decorating a room is dreaming up your wildest, no-holds-barred fantasy before coming back down to the reality of budgets and dimensions. So ahead, see the ultimate Dreamhouse of our grown-up fantasies. Ready to play house?