Attention, Moms: We Created a (Judgment-Free) Facebook Community Just for You

Despite being a virtual photo album for families all around the world, Facebook still lacks a (judgment-free) space to talk about modern day motherhood. Enter MyDomaine Moms, our supportive and inclusive Facebook community for busy, modern mothers to connect.

First and foremost, this is a positive group that welcomes all shared voices and experiences, inviting women from all walks of life to discuss the ups and downs of motherhood. From general parenting questions to candid conversations about how you're really feeling, we hope this community will empower modern mothers in their day-to-day lives. 

Though the MyDomaine editors may occasionally ask for your input on a story or share work that's relevant to the conversation, this is a community for you, by you. To ensure this remains a safe, sacred space, here are a few ground rules for MyDomaine Moms: 

1. Keep it positive! We are a judgment-free space and our community only seeks to empower one another. We have a no-tolerance policy for negative comments or shaming of any kind and repeat offenders will be removed from the group. 

2. All questions, comments, and shares must be motherhood-related. 

3. No ads, professional sales, or soliciting of any kind.

Head over to MyDomaine Moms to join the conversation, and share your most-pressing motherhood questions in the comments below!