Inside MyDomaine's Newly Revamped New York Headquarters

Clique Media Group (MyDomaine’s parent company) has a history of stylish offices. If the Los Angeles headquarters are any indication, we had big shoes to fill when we moved into a new, expanded place in New York City’s Union Square. Between six media brands, a large influencer network featuring top talent in the industry, and an ever-expanding fashion line, our rapidly growing office is also a revolving door for industry professionals stemming from the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle space.

“Our past offices have had a fashiony feel, and with this new office, I wanted to show that we’ve very much moved beyond that as CMG and into a global business," CMG CEO Katherine Power told MyDomaine about the Los Angeles headquarters. Naturally, the rapidly expanding Manhattan offices needed a striking workspace to match.

The bones of the office were in our favor: a wide open space on the 18th floor of a prewar building with tall ceilings and unobstructed views of the city’s West Side. But the original space, previously occupied by a software company, felt a little too lifeless for a dynamic media company. To create a workspace to match CMG’s vision, the MyDomaine team called on the help of The Studio at One Kings Lane.

“The girls at CMG had a very clear design aesthetic and vision for the space,” Sally Gotfredson, our interior designer, told us. “So the project was more collaborative and really just about editing and marrying what [CMG] had already done so well in their L.A. office with this NYC space. In the end, it maintained its own look while staying in line with the California headquarters.”

Take the tour to see how a few personal touches and revamped common areas transformed the way we work—they even enhanced creativity, productivity, and morale.