What to Give Your S.O. This Year (Based on Their Myers-Briggs Type)

Gift Guide by Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Finding the perfect gift for the one you love is no easy feat the first time around, and it only gets progressively harder as you seemingly exhaust every great idea year after year. You've probably already brainstormed gift ideas according to their interests, lifestyle, and even life-stage, but here's another ideation tool you may not have yet considered: their personality type. If you've ever worked in a corporate environment, chances are you've taken the official Myers-Briggs assessment. You may even have taken it online just for fun and compared results with your loved ones. 

If you know your significant other's personality type, it can provide great insight into the types of gifts they actually enjoy. Are they practical ENTJ types who love to improve efficiency in every aspect of their lives? Or are they born entertainers like ESFPs who thrive in fun, social environments? Whatever their traits, we created a gift guide by Myers-Briggs personality types so you can find your S.O.'s next great gift idea a little more easily. 

For the INTJs: The Architects

Google Home Mini $49

INTJs love efficiency in every aspect of their lives and value practical gifts. Any object or gadget that has the potential to optimize their lives would make for a fantastic gift.

Our pick: The Google Home Mini

For the INTPs: The Logicians

Charles Duhigg The Power of Habit $17

INTPs are inherently curious and love to think about the world and how it works. Drawn to anything theoretical or analytical, the INTPs would appreciate any gift that indulges their love for learning.

Our pick: Charles Duhigg's The Power of Habit

For the ENTJs: The Commanders

Apple Watch Series 3 $279

Your favorite ENTJ is most likely an ambitious visionary with a strong personality. This personality type is results-oriented and loves being effective, so a gift that would help them overcome inefficiency in a flashy way is a great idea.

Our pick: An Apple watch

For the INFJs: The Advocates

Maggie Wu Celebrate You Self-Care Set $86

INFJs have rich inner lives and find purpose in relationships. They are conscientious, insightful, and deep—and treat their belongings in the same manner. To find the ideal gift, look for something uplifting that is also in line with their values, like a self-care set to remind them to treat themselves as well as they treat others.

Our pick: A self-care set by Maggie Wu

For the ENTPs: The Debaters

Superfight Card Game $35

If you have an ENTP in your life, you know that they thrive in a debate. The ultimate devil's advocate, they live for the joy of shredding arguments and beliefs. Anything that would engage them in a lively conversation would make a fantastic gift.

Our pick: Superfight, the card game

For the INFPs: The Mediators

Clare V Every Mother Counts Original Fit Tee $99

INFPs are altruistic and always eager to help for a good cause. They care deeply about the world and making it better, so a gift that gives back, like a T-shirt that gives 100% of proceeds back to Every Mother Counts, is a great idea.

Our pick: Clare V's Liberté, Égalité, Maternité T-shirt

For the ENFPs: The Campaigners

Crown Publishing Group Nasty Woman Game $10

ENFPs are enthusiastic, creative, and sociable beings who always want to learn more about everyone around them and bring people together. They love to be the life of the party, but they also love a deep conversation about the ideas that make them tick. A fun game that makes everyone think would be their ideal gift.

Our pick: The Nasty Woman game

For the ENFJs: The Protagonists

Lingua Franca Nevertheless She Voted Cashmere Sweater $380

ENFJs are charismatic leaders and they are passionate about changing the world. This highly inspiring personality type would be obsessed with anything personalized just for them, like a custom cashmere sweater with an engaging slogan.

Our pick: A custom Lingua Franca cashmere sweater

For the ISTJs: The Logisticians

Crockpot Slow Cooker $32

ISTJs are meticulously organized and practical individuals. They are often referred to as the world’s best organizers. This personality type would appreciate a useful gift that tends to their natural sense of orderliness and makes their day more efficient.

Our pick: A crockpot 

For the ISFJs: The Defenders

Well Told Co. Relaxation Boosters $34

ISFJs are natural-born protectors and are always committed to loving and understanding their friends and family, but they can also be a little stressed out. By always putting others first, they can sometimes forget to take care of themselves. This personality type would appreciate a thoughtful gift that reminds them to put themselves first once in a while.

Our pick: Well Told Co.'s relaxation boosters

For the ESTJs: The Executives

Smythson Panama Bright Ideas Cross-Grain Leather Notebook Set $135

ESTJs are known to be excellent administrators. They are incredibly prompt and meticulously organized. This goal-oriented personality type would do well to receive a gift that can help them plan their future to the most minute detail.

Our pick: A set of Smythson planners

For the ESFJs: The Consuls

Aerin Floretta Embroidered Cocktail Napkins $60

ESFJs are born entertainers. This caring and social personality type spends a lot of time hosting and surrounding themselves with loved ones. Anything that will help them bring people together in a stylish fashion will be a big hit.

Our pick: A set of Aerin cocktail napkins

For the ISFPs: The Adventurers

Trntbl Wireless Record Player $499

Your ISFP S.O. likely has an artistic personality and loves to explore and experience new things. This personality type is passionate about discovering anything unique that allows them to indulge in artistic pleasures in all forms.

Our pick: A wireless record player

For the ISTPs: The Virtuosos

23 And Me DNA Test $99 $49

ISTPs are typically bold and practical experimenters who love problem-solving. Any gift that involves strategy or logic will be a winner—like a DNA test that would help them find out more about their ancestry and what it means for their personal health, for instance.

Our pick: A 23 and Me DNA kit

For the ESTPs: The Entrepreneurs

Kingsman Conway Stewart Churchill Fountain Pen $995

ESTPs are highly intelligent, perceptive, and love living life on the edge. They are straight-shooting go-getters and love nice things—as long as they serve a purpose. A flashy gift that speaks to their ambition would be a great choice.

Our pick: A classic fountain pen

For the ESFPs: The Entertainers

TRNK Ripple Champagne Coupes $48 $42

ESFPs love beautiful things and are the life of the party. This spontaneous, friendly, and energetic personality type makes everything fun. Celebrate them by getting a gift that helps them do what they do best: Enjoying life and entertaining others.

Our pick: Beautiful Champagne coupes

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