Look Inside Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber’s Gorgeous NYC Apartment

One of Hollywood’s most glamorous and under-the-radar couples, blond Australian bombshell Naomi Watts and character-driven New York actor Liev Schreiber, have opened up the doors to their Manhattan home. Architectural Digest has an exclusive inside look at the duo’s beautiful Manhattan loft featuring interiors designed by Ashe + Leandro. While Watts told AD that “with New York real estate, you never get everything you want,” she and Schreiber were able to create a large duplex from two separate units—one of which had been an artist’s loft. By combing the two units, they were able to check off most of the boxes on their wish list.

However, right after the deal for the space was finalized, Hurricane Sandy hit, and the apartment, which is located near the Hudson River, was badly damaged due to flooding. They ended up gutting the space and starting from scratch. Although the renovations took longer than anticipated, the interiors came together quickly. “I had drawings in four months,” explained Reinaldo Leandro, “and then we did the entire renovation in ten. It was insanely fast. But fun. Naomi brought a great eye and taste to the project and was a terrific creative partner.” Check out a few images of Watts and Schreiber’s home—which they share with their two sons—below. For more pictures, visit Architectural Digest.

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