Pinterest's 4 Most Popular Napkin Folds for Thanksgiving Are Easy to Master

When envisioning the ways in which a Thanksgiving feast will unfold, it's not unusual to picture the likely praises as much as the possible problems. The turkey may come out perfectly golden or irreversibly burnt, just as the sides may be scooped up with smiles or uncomfortably left to waste on the buffet line. On top of the risks involved with the feast, there are plenty of other obstacles to contend with on the guest list. An aunt may not be talking to an uncle, a brother may have some stressful news, and a child may decide that the evening's soundtrack will be the shrillness of his screams—or, who knows, everyone may just be fine.

If there's one thing you can be sure of on Thanksgiving, however, it's how the tablescape will look. You can line pumpkins around a garland, scatter fake fall leaves around candles, or arrange bouquets in a classic line. Whatever you decide, there's no way that the objects on the table will surprise you come the main event. To help with your décor, we asked the creative forces at Pinterest to help figure out the best napkin folds for Thanksgiving, according to the most popular pins on the site.

By using one of these four styles and pairing it with a larger Thanksgiving theme, we're sure that the setting of your holiday is bound to live up to your expectations. As for all of the other unknowns, well, at least you can count on dessert.