14 Narrow Bookcases That Will Give Life to Your Most Awkward Nooks


Courtesy of Amber Interiors

It can be challenging to tackle storage in a really tiny space. No matter how much you try to declutter or re-organize, it can sometimes feel like every cupboard and closet is bursting at the seams. But here's the thing: There is probably a ton of unused space in your home. A few months ago, a professional organizer came to my apartment and told me I had made one crucial mistake when decorating and attempting to tackle storage in my tiny studio: I wasn't using my vertical space. She was right. I had opted for furniture that, while beautiful and stylish, failed on the storage front: low-slung pieces with skinny legs and few drawers (if any at all).

That day, I became resolute to find the perfect narrow bookcase to fit the last remaining nook in my apartment that wasn't already inhabited by a piece of furniture. It changed my entire storage strategy—books were no longer haphazardly piled up on every surface, I had space for my various decorative items and plants, and I even could use a few baskets to hide miscellaneous items that previously didn't have a proper home in my apartment. Think you too could benefit from an additional bookcase in your small space? Here are the best narrow bookcases to purchase for a stylish storage solution.