NASA's New Photo of Pluto Is Epic + the Pope Is Making a Rock Album

  • NASA has just released a huge and spectacular new image of Pluto. The 8000-by-8000-pixel shot is actually three images combined, taken by New Horizons, one each using a blue, red, and near-infrared filter. The image, created by astronomer Alex Parker, is the "highest-resolution map ever made of the surface of Pluto." — Slate
  • Pope Francis is releasing an 11-track rock album called Wake Up! He has been working with producer and "artistic director" Don Giulio Neroni on the prog-rock tunes due for release on November 27. The Vatican-approved album will see the pope lend his vocals, speaking and chanting on top of music by other artists. "When Don Giulio Neroni asked me to collaborate on this CD, I immediately accepted with enthusiasm," he said. "Putting my music in the service of the words and the voice of Pope Francis has been a fantastic experience and a very interesting artistic challenge." — Billboard
  • The Mercer County School District in Washington is replacing the game of "tag" because it involves touching. A spokesperson for the ditrict said "the rationale behind this is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students." This has sparked outcry from concerned parents who have launched a group to oppose the decision, called  “Support ‘tag’ at Recess.” The school wants to introduce a "new form of tag-like running games." — The Washington Post
  • China has announcced a nationwide cap-and-trade program to limit carbon emissions. This is a bold move for a country that's known to be the world's biggest polluter. The new program will see the government set a "hard limit on how much carbon dioxide will be released into the atmosphere annually" through the burning of fossil fuels like gasoline and coal. Obama proposed a similar cap-and-trade program in his first term but failed to get it through Congress. — The Atlantic
  • Amazon Prime is just $67 right now. In celebration of its epic Emmy win, Amazon has reduced its yearly membership fee to $67, usually $99, but the offer is only valid until midnight tonight. Existing members can't take advantage of this offer, but they're already getting amazing benefits, such as free two-day shipping, instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows, unlimited and ad-free access to a million songs, free books, and more. So it's a happy Friday for everyone. — Amazon