If You Love Big, Bright, and Airy Homes, Step Inside This Nashville Beauty

Have you ever stepped into a house and immediately feel a sense of awe? It happened to us when we saw these rooms for the first time, and now it's happening again with this striking Nashville residence. It has everything going for it: exposed wooden beams (with an A-frame–shaped roof in the living room), a black kitchen complete with clear Perspex barstools (cool on tap), and chandeliers dropping from the ceiling of every room.

We've been talking nonstop about this 9000-square-foot abode (yes, you read that right—even the mudroom is 450 square feet) ever since interior designer Lori Paranjape emailed us about it. Oh, and it's also located just down the street from Dolly Parton's house. Sigh. We love Paranjape's fresh take on traditional style using neutral hues to add that modern feel to the space.

Ahead, the designer takes us on a tour through each room with a few style notes along the way.

What is your favorite feature in this house? The black kitchen, the swing, or the outdoor pool? Share it with us in the comments below.