How I Run an International Business and Raise a Family

Nasiba Adilova is the co-founder of The Tot, a premier online destination and storefront for eco-conscious mamas and their children. As a mother of two, Adilova set out to build an online luxury destination that promoted safe, clean, and health-conscious yet chic products. At the age of 16, Adilova enrolled in undergrad, later earning her master’s degree and working as a grant writer helping immigrants move to America. Prior to co-founding The Tot, she was the director of business development at Buro 24/7. Adilova currently serves as a board member of United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

Her passion for business, her entrepreneurial drive, and her eye for innovative companies have allowed her to invest in a number of the biggest names in style, such as Reformation, Bandier, Violet Grey, and Reward Style. Her accomplishments and expertise have earned her recognition in Vogue, the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List, Elle, the Harper’s Bazaar 100 Best Dressed, Business of Fashion, Dallas Morning News, and more. Adilova currently resides in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and two children.

Nasiba Adilova interview
The Tot

I dreamed of creating products, platforms, and experiences that could change the way people live their lives.

From early on in life, I’ve always known that I wanted to work. I grew up with the type of role models who continually strove to better themselves and the world around them. Throughout both high school and university, I dreamed of creating products, platforms, and experiences that could change the way people live their lives.

I also knew that I wanted to be a mom. My relationship with my own family is one filled with tradition, love, and respect. Being able to share successes and laughter with someone is as important to me as having someone there to help me keep going when times get tough. For me, having a husband and kids is what makes my work meaningful.

During my first pregnancy, I had this incredible moment (Oprah would describe it as aha) where I could see where my passion for motherhood and business could intersect. As an expecting parent, I was on the hunt for nontoxic, safe, stylish, and eco-conscious products. What I found were hidden gems scattered across the internet. After months of research, I ended up compiling quite the list of products, studies, and insightful articles. When my friends started asking me to put all my findings in one place, the idea for The Tot was born.

Nasiba Adilova parenting advice

What started as a simple website has evolved into a complete resource for parents to find nontoxic, safe products and trusted advice from a network of experts. We offer everything parents and babies need from nursery to feeding and gear to toys. We work with smaller, family-owned businesses as well as major fashion brands to sell their products. We now run two brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S. and ship internationally, with events planned in several countries. Parents come to the site to read and learn about motherhood, child behavior, product recommendations, personal essays, and interviews with inspiring and influential moms from around the world.

A month after my second son arrived, we opened the second store. The business has grown right along with our family. Now with two boys under 4 at home, balancing it all is hard. Fortunately, I have a team of incredible people that make sure I can be a dedicated mother and handle my responsibilities as a co-founder to grow and guide the business. To get the most out of my day, I lean on my support, from someone helping me plan and execute my schedule to someone preparing lunches for my kids. I am also very conscious of my health. I eat well to feel well. I work out to have stamina. I get enough sleep to think clearly. I take breaks when I need them.

Staying dedicated to my job is incredibly important to me because I want to show my kids that you can absolutely have it all. I want them to see that hard work takes time and energy, which is why it’s important to be efficient, effective, and careful with where you expend your energy. I also want them to see how I find balance. I want them to observe me take time for them, for myself, and others.

Nasiba Adilova—parenting tips

As the mother of two boys, I want to show them a strong female role model. I also want to show them love. Even though my job often demands me to circle the globe, I make sure my kids can travel with me whenever possible, especially when I’m breastfeeding. Seriously—working-mom life would not be possible without my Medela Breast Pump.

I am very lucky that one of my main passions also happens to be my work. Knowing I can help other parents and mothers is one my favorite parts of my work with The Tot. I certainly know it helps me be the working mom I strive to be. Whether it’s learning about a new travel stroller or reading an educational article about temper tantrums (we frequent airports—this is crucial for me!), I find ways to live my best life with my family and work.

I feel blessed to live in a time where maternal guilt is quickly fading away. I also feel blessed to live in a time where women and men can both rise in their careers and personal lives while erasing gender stereotypes and expectations. It’s a powerful time to be a parent and entrepreneur. The way we buy, sell, and experience is ever evolving with technology, but the one constant I know I will always have in my life is the dedication to my family and to myself to persevere through whatever life throws our way.

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