Nate Berkus: 10 Essentials

Dashing decorator and TV personality Nate Berkus opens up about his most prized possessions in GQ's latest video. There's plenty to vicariously lust over--decade-old Marc Jacobs boots, photographic souvenirs from jaunts to Greek island Patmos--but there's also much to learn from Berkus' list, including, but not limited to: his tequila of choice, the organizational potential of his decorative boxes for Target, and his latent feelings about OXY cleansing pads. Watch the video above to get the full run-down on Berkus' secret weapons, plus an unexpected revelation about his would-be role as the other man. dh-recipe-shop

nate-mvp Berkus says this Desktop Storage Unit keeps you "organized and looking good while you're doing it." Mr. Berkus, you had us at looking good. $16, Target