Nate Berkus’s Tips for an Apartment Refresh

The other day, I walked into my apartment, looked around, and thought, “It’s time to update my décor.” It’s almost my six-year-anniversary in this place, and I don’t have any plans to move, so why not do a little apartment refreshing? That’s why when I came across an Architectural Digest story with Nate Berkus’s tips for refreshing your home décor, I couldn’t help but click. Wondering how you can update your home without breaking the bank? Here’s how Berkus says it can be done.

  • Rearrange the furniture you already own. Instead of buying all new stuff, Berkus recommends reworking the items you already own. “I think it’s much more rewarding to rearrange what you already have,” says Berkus. “This brings new energy into your space and lets you see things in a new way.”
  • Avoid following trends. Berkus says that he and his husband are constantly moving things around within their home. “It doesn’t have to be about a season or event, it should happen when inspiration strikes. Also, I don’t focus on trends, because I don’t think you ever achieve what you’re looking to do—it always feels like a version of something you saw in a photograph.”
  • Shop your home. Experiment and use things in ways you wouldn’t normally expect. “Is there a new energy and juxtaposition that can come from using a side table as a nightstand? Or is there a console that can be used to set up a bar? The best designed rooms are the ones that feel layered, assembled over time, and beautifully edited.”
  • Play with accessories. Move pillows that were on the couch to your bedroom. Take the lamp that is beside your bed and try it in the living room. “Moving artworks, pillows, and rugs is also an extremely effective way to change the feel of a room.”
  • Edit, edit, edit. “Look at every piece in your home and ask yourself, ‘Is this contributing to the story I want to tell in this space? Does it have sentimental value?’ It’s important to donate or sell these items because you have to give the pieces you do love room to breathe.”
  • Incorporate texture and something green. Adding texture will make your space feel more sophisticated. “Woven pieces, hand-knotted rugs, fringed accents—these invigorate and add dimension to any space. And then plants and flowers make a space feel alive. They just make you breathe a little different.”
  • Don’t overlook the guest room. “If you care about somebody enough to invite them to stay in your home, you should have a beautifully appointed room for them.”

Bring a little of Nate Berkus’s flair—in the form of a gold desktop tray—into your home office.

Are you a fan of Nate Berkus? What do you think of his tips?