Exclusive: Nate Berkus Shows Us Inside His Decadent Atlanta Makeover

We're not usually ones to play favorites, but if we were pressed on the topic of our most loved interior architect, one name would always top the list: Nate Berkus. We've learned so many lessons from the celebrity designer, from career advice to budget-friendly decorating tips, and we can't get enough of his bohemian-inspired Target collection—no wonder Oprah has him on speed dial. So, of course, when we saw the most recent Nate Berkus Associates project, we were swooning hard. This glam family home in Atlanta is bursting with bright and bold hues, diverse texture, vintage décor, and sentimental curiosities.

It sounds crowded on paper, but Berkus has a gift for seamlessly fusing all of these elements together. Being pretty and practical is key to any NBC interior. "[The clients] were a large, blended family, so their home had to be beautiful but also very, very functional," he told MyDomaine. "It was important that nothing was too precious; every room had to be livable. We layered in a lot of vibrant patterns and colors mixed in with antiques and unusual one-of-a-kind finds. The vibrancy that you see in the home, that's who the client is." Ahead, get Berkus's genius layering tips for your own home.

Nate Berkus remodel: living room
Fred Gerlich for Nate Berkus

The living room has a luxe yet lived-in feel so that both parents and their seven children are happy. "The client is fun and a total free spirit. That's how she runs her household (although it's infused with some sensible rules), so we wanted the décor to be a reflection of their lifestyle," says the firm's design director, Lauren Buxbaum, who led the redesign with Berkus. "The kids are totally respectful of their home, and our client was okay with her teething twins chewing on our African bead accessories, so it was a little give and take."

Nate Berkus remodel: dining room
Fred Gerlich for Nate Berkus

When pushed to choose the favored room in the house, Buxbaum says, though "nearly impossible," it would have to be the dining room. "I love the juxtaposition of the Jansen sconces on her custom-painted fringe burlap wall covering and whimsical celadon dining chairs with her parchment dining table. We took some serious pieces and paired them with something slightly out of left field to maintain some eccentricity and spirit that is prevalent throughout their home."

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Nate Berkus remodel: kitchen
Fred Gerlich for Nate Berkus

The NBC team incorporated specific design elements throughout the home to reflect the client's lifestyle and personality. "We wanted to make sure none of the textiles felt too serious and none of the antiques felt too precious. So we freely mixed vibrant patterns and colors and selected antiques with patina or an unusual detail such as a malachite top."

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Nate Berkus remodel: hallway with walls of photos
Fred Gerlich for Nate Berkus

The home features a stylish hall of honor with prized framed pictures of their family running all the way through. Artwork, in general, was incredibly important for the lady of the household, and they worked closely with her to select "quirky art that was reflective of her personality," including a Harland Miller piece titled "Rags to Polyester: My Story" and a Jack Pierson piece that spells out "STAY." The team also purchased a nearly life-size parchment print of a rhino.

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Nate Berkus remodel: bathroom
Fred Gerlich for Nate Berkus

While glamour is important, Berkus says it should never be front and center, but rather saved for special moments. "While we love the chandeliers and luxurious touches in the more highly trafficked rooms, there's something about going glam in the bath, as seen here. It's an excellent reminder that these rooms should never be forgotten when it comes to upping the chic factor in your home," he says.

Nate Berkus remodel: bedroom
Fred Gerlich for Nate Berkus

While the guest bedroom is classic and chic, Buxbaum said this wasn't the case for the boys' bedroom, which also happened to be the only room with restrictions. "Our client assured us that they would be swinging off the light fixtures, which we kept in mind while designing it," she said. "Indeed, they ran into their new room like Tasmanian devils. The kids were also lucky enough to get a full arcade in their basement complete with every machine you could ever dream of." The coolest parents ever? We think so.

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