Nate Berkus Unveils His Gorgeous New Baby Collection for Target

When it comes to affordable designer décor, there's one place—well, man and place—we can always turn to: Nate Berkus for Target. It's safe to say we worship at the stylish altar of the celebrity interior designer, and his collaboration with the popular chain is downright genius. From his bohemian-inspired summer range to his covetable fall line, he doesn't skip a design beat. Now that he and fellow designer Jeremiah Brent are fathers to adorable little Poppy, it was only a matter of time before Berkus crafted a baby collection, and we've gone positively gaga for it.

Of course, his new role as a parent was the major inspiration behind the range, along with his personal philosophy that a nursery should grow with your baby. "When I would shop for Poppy, I was constantly searching for more sophisticated but still whimsical pieces that were not only functional but also gentle on her skin," he said. "When designing my baby collection for Target, I focused on materials that were soft, as well as patterns that were fun, super cute, and best of all affordable." Preview through every single piece in the collection before it goes on sale this Sunday, January 8. Be prepared for major cute factor, and definitely shop it this weekend before it sells out.

What's your favorite piece from the collection?