National Donut Day Isn't Complete Without This Donut Invention

National Donut Day is a 24-hour-long excuse to indulge in deep-fried dough. Needless to say, we definitely don't hate it. Take this national celebration of gluttony to the next level with these five twists on the classic donut. Caution: Food porn ahead.

1. Donut Ice Cream Sandwich
Photo: Paper and Stitch

A simple twist on an old classic, Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper and Stitch simply halved glazed donuts and slathered black-cherry ice cream in between. The result is a mouth-watering, aesthetically pleasing summer treat. Get the recipe here.


2. Donut Ice Cream Cone
Photo: Courtesy of

This heavenly mixture of fried dough bathed in cinnamon sugar, vanilla ice cream, and a dollop of chocolate is one part Instagram sensation, two parts delicious. Unfortunately, you can only get it at the Good Food Coffee and Bakery in Prague. It may or may not be worth the trip.

3. Brown Sugar–Glazed Graham Cracker Donuts
Photo: Half Baked Harvest

Described as a "light, fluffy graham cracker in donut form," these cinnamon-sugar treats incorporate graham cracker crumbs both inside and out. Get the recipe from Half Baked Harvest here.

4. Paleo Peppermint Donuts
Photo: The Healthy Maven

This uncharacteristically healthy spin on donuts combines almond meal, coconut flour, and peppermint extract to create a delectable, calorie-light treat. Visit The Healthy Maven for the full recipe.

5. Donut S'mores
Photo: Half Baked Harvest

Tieghan over at Half Baked Harvest is single-handedly trying to up your bonfire game this summer. Her recipe calls for a homemade "beer marshmallow" smothered between two graham cracker-garnished donut halves drizzled with hot fudge. Nom.

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