4 Foolproof Steps to Tidying Your Home, According to a Professional Organizer


Courtesy of The Line

While cleaning your house has probably been on your mind since the New Year, today is National Organize Your Home Day. If you've been it putting off, there's no better day to get ahead on spring cleaning. In celebration of the holiday, Catherine C., an elite tasker and professional organizer for TaskRabbit, has shared her top tips for getting your home organized. We've highlighted our favorites below.

Implement the Four Box Method. Before you begin, take out four boxes and label them as "trash," "give away," "keep," or "relocate." As you tackle each room, organize items in these boxes accordingly. Once you've finished, put items in the "keep" box back in their place, find a better place for items in the "relocate" box, and give away or dispose of items that fall into either of the remaining categories.

Commit to the 12-12-12-12 Challenge. Catherine challenges you to try to put 12 things in each box as you take on each room in your house with the Four Box Method described above. While 12 might seem like a lot, you'll be surprised by how many things in your home you could live without. Clear out the clutter, open up your space, and make room for the things you really love.

Try the Hanger Edit. Face all of the items in your closet in the opposite direction. As you wear each piece, flip it so it hangs in the correct direction. Set a deadline of a few months, and once you hit that date, take a look at how many pieces were left unworn (make sure to focus on everyday pieces). It will be an eye-opening experience to what you actually wear and how much is taking up space in your closet. Consider editing out the pieces you don't wear.

Take the Two F's Test. Catherine proposes the Two F's test to tidy up cluttered papers. If you can't file it or frame it, then it's time to toss.

Head to the comments to share your own methods for cutting through the clutter, and shop must-haves for an organized laundry room here.