These Are the 8 Natural Anti-Aging Skincare Ingredients That Put in the Work

Striving to incorporate natural products into our everyday routines has gone mainstream, so it's no surprise that the trend would also work its way into skincare routines. "Key ingredients in many natural products have powerful properties," Jennifer Herrmann, MD, FAAD, a Beverly Hills dermatologist, says. "This includes squelching damaging oxidants, fighting pigmentation, and aiding in exfoliation."

But much like the food we eat and the clothes we wear and the homes we live in, Jennifer notes that it's tough to go completely natural—and for good reason. "Just because something is natural doesn't mean that it's gentler or safer for the skin. Poison ivy is natural, but almost everyone who comes in contact with it develops an allergic reaction."

Instead of relying on a strict regimen of all-natural products to keep your skin clear and smooth, Jennifer recommends pairing them with other synthesized ingredients that have been modified to complement their benefits. Doing so will help natural ingredients "penetrate the skin more effectively and make them more cosmetically pleasing," she says. "Don't categorically be afraid of synthetic products. Many of these are derived from natural ingredients but have been formulated to be more pleasing on the skin. Science is being used to help you get more out of natural ingredients!"

Below, Jennifer describes the eight natural ingredients you should look for to complete an anti-aging skincare routine. These items will brighten, calm, and perfect your skin over time so that you could go au naturale if you please.