The Natural Remedy French Women Rely on to Fight Colds


We continually look to French women for their covetable style, their effortless approach to beauty, and even their parenting tips. But health and wellness practices are something we don't seek to emulate as often when it comes to la vie Parisienne. Yes, even French women aren't immune to catching a cold, but when they do, many opt for natural remedies to nurse themselves back to good health.

Clotilde Dusoulier, the Parisian mastermind behind Chocolate & Zucchini, recently shared her natural French cold remedy with MindBodyGreen. The key ingredient to the herbal remedy is thyme, which she said is considered a remède miracle, or miracle cure, for a variety of ailments—especially head colds and flu-like symptoms. She describes the strategy of incorporating the herb for better health as "an intensive thyme-infusion regimen" and outlines three ways you can benefit from brewing it.

First, you can brew the fresh thyme like a tea (pouring one cup of water just below a boil over the thyme), adding honey and lemon juice to taste if you wish. Dusoulier recommends two to three glasses of this a day. Second, you can brew the concoction, and then gargle with it. She notes that this also boasts positive effects for gum health and breath. Lastly, you can brew it in a bowl, hover your face over the bowl, and breathe in the steam for sinus relief. All three options can be used in combination however you'd like to soothe your cold symptoms and bring you back to better health.

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