3 Ways to Naturally Relieve a Hangover


Courtesy of Hush

Indulged in a few too many cocktails this long weekend? We've all been there. Thankfully, the team at Mind Body Green has put together a list of three natural headache remedies for those who'd rather avoid the medicine cabinet. Admittedly, they won't stop symptoms like body aches or nausea, but natural medicine advocates swear by their ability to take the edge off a pulsing headache. Try these simple home remedies to reclaim your long weekend:

Herbal medicine experts hail peppermint oil for its antispasmodic qualities, which are said to relieve headaches, muscle spasms, and tension. Simply place a drop of the essential oil on your index finger and glide it over your forehead in a long fluid motion.

If you can't make it to an acupuncture session, acupressure could help relieve your headache from home. This traditional Chinese medicine practice involves applying pressure to regions of your body to manipulate energy flow to the head. Key areas of focus include the point between your eyes, also known as the Third Eye, and between your first and second finger, also called Union Valley.

This naturopathic tradition involves alternating shower water temperature from cool to hot for two minutes at a time. In theory, this stimulates the circulation system and helps bring more blood and oxygen to the head to relieve an ache. 

Ready to try this at home? Shop the essential oil and tell us if your headache subsides: