This Two-Ingredient Drink Can Put Your Overactive Brain to Sleep

Updated 10/29/18

Often the first thing to go when we’re feeling the pressure at work or in your personal life, is sleep. Most are familiar with the long-endured tossing and turning that comes with an overactive brain that refuses to switch off, and this common dilemma has lead to many  sleep experts suggesting we put down our devices at night, and instead, practice mediation, deep breathing, or yoga stretching.

Increasingly though, there has also been talk of a key mineral playing a role in how we sleep: Magnesium. After interviewing a handful of medical professionals, Lisa Ryan, a journalist from The Cut, found that not only was it essential for “bone health, nerve and muscle function, protein synthesis” but Ryan also found after talking to Dr. Raj Dasgupta that magnesium could lead to better sleep, due to its relaxation properties and ability to calm your bodies' muscles. 

So, if you’re finding yourself looking for a natural remedy that will help you fall into a deep slumber, Fast  Company suggests mixing together a warm cup of nut milk (like almond milk) with turmeric, as nut milk is full of magnesium, and turmeric serves as a powerful anti-inflammatory and its properties can prevent night-time stomach problems that might interrupt your sleep. We think it's definitely one worth adding to your night-time ritual.

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