Here's How to Bring the Color of the Year to Your Bedroom

Sarah Sherman Samuel navy blue bedroom

Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel; Photo: Jason Frank Rothenberg

Moody, mellow, there anything blue can't do? While we're firmly of the opinion that there's never a bad time to embrace a blue mood, deep and dreamy navy hues are having a serious moment right now. With Sherwin-Williams naming their color "Naval", a slightly oversaturated true navy, the 2020 Color Of The Year, we think it's high time this standby shade get its due.

As one of the most classic bedroom colors, deep blue is known for being restful and soothing. But don't worry, maximalists! These eclectic, ultra-glam rooms prove that navy is much more than its traditionalist reputation. In fact, we think there's something downright rebellious and edgy about these inky-dark retreats.

Read on to see our favorite navy blue bedrooms of the moment—you might want to take notes.

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Darkness and Light

The simplest way to keep a dark paint color from giving your bedroom a cavelike vibe: paint just one accent wall and leave the rest white. We especially love this high-contrast effect in spaces with intricate historical moldings and trim.

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Marine Dream

Sometimes you only need one standout element in a space to make it wow-worthy. These deep aquatic blue walls accentuate the unique archways and imbue this simple bedroom with subtly mediterranean style. Spot a secondary trend, too: the retro headboard with built-in nightstands is coming back in a big way.

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Pattern Play

Let navy blue be the base for all your wildest pattern-mixing dreams—florid wallpaper, woven rugs and nautical striped throw pillows all play well together against a deep blue headboard and footboard.

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Variations On A Theme

The best thing about blue? It's a vast color family, and we've yet to see a combination of blues clash—ever. Take a tip from this stylish retreat and pair navy with sapphire and peacock blues for an unexpectedly lush take on the trend.

navy blue wallpaper
Annika Reed Studio Where The Wild Teasels Were Wallpaper $240
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Indigo Glam

Matchy-matchy never looked so modern. Selecting coordinating wall art makes a monochrome, high-contrast color scheme look even more impactful.

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Flannel Season

Our love for flannel is well-documented, but in a few different shades of navy, the natural character of this cozy material looks even more inviting. We'd love to wake up here on wintry Sunday mornings.

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Two Trends Are Better Than One

We think millennial pink has finally met its match—in the best way. Muted rose tones truly pop against super-saturated dark blues, so consider this all the encouragement you need to cross both buzzy colors off your list at once.

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Opposites Attract

Better yet, think back to your art class days and look across the color wheel for a complementary color pairing that will knock 'em dead. Fall-approved rust tones look truly smashing when paired with this of-the-moment shade.

terracotta linen bedding
Hawkins New York Simple Linen Bedding in Terracotta $198
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Behind The Blue Door

Just because a room is dark, doesn't mean it has to be dreary. This rich, royal mix of jewel tones takes on a more playful character thanks to a navy-painted door—just the right amount of humor to lighten the mood.

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Touch & Go (To Sleep)

Sarah Sherman Samuel teaches a masterclass on keeping things interesting while sticking with a strict color palette: play with different textures. A navy velvet headboard sets itself apart in this jewelbox bedroom.

CB2 navy velvet headboard
CB2 Facade Tall Navy Velvet Headboard $899
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Tropical Punch

It's a no-brainer that oceanic blues pair perfectly with rich tropical foliage—in fact, the link to nature is one of the reasons Sherwin-Williams cited for naming this hue Color Of The Year. Play up your #plantmom instincts with some palm prints and pillows.

Eastern Accents Palm Pillow
Eastern Accents Lanai Palm Loop Trim Throw Pillow $148
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Such A Stud

There's nothing wrong with blending in. A navy headboard still leaves its mark against matching walls thanks to vintage-inspired stud detailing.

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Marine Maximalism

Can't decide between a stunning shade of navy paint or a bold blue wallpaper pattern? Opt for both. Chair rail and paneling look exceptionally stunning in this inky blue hue.

Nocturnal Faunication Wallpaper
Divine Savages Nocturnal Faunacation Wallpaper $181
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Saddle Savvy

Go ahead, introduce a little leather into the bedroom. The warm, orange-leaning hue of classic cognac or saddle leathers look absolutely striking against deep navy walls (remember that color theory we talked about earlier?).

woven leather headboard
Target Opalhouse Queen Tansy Strap with Metal Frame Headboard $220
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Grid Gorgeous

It's easy to fake some architectural detail if you're in a home that doesn't have any. A simple grid of wood slats cut to size creates depth and drama when painted the same color as the wall.

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Urban Edge

White-painted brick brings tons of contrast (and a faux-headboard effect) to this navy bedroom. Not blessed with brick? Try using painter's tape to create a similar colorblocked effect, or go all the way with faux-brick panels (they can even be painted the color of your choice).

faux brick panels
Home Depot Kingston Brick Wall Panel $25
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Curtains For You

Give your room the royal treatment with swaths of matching fabric hung dramatically behind the bed—even if you've got nothing to hide, it'll add a serious dose of glamour to the space.

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Blue Plate Special

Classic Chinoiserie china patterns pair perfectly with this hue—so it might be time to dig out those hand-me-downs (or hit up your favorite antiques store). We love the idea of taking dinnerware out of the dining room and displaying it as an eclectic wall art alternative.

1st Dibs Booth's chinoiserie plates
Booth's Set of Four Gilded Blue and White Chinoiserie Dessert Plates $350
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Blue Streak

When you love a color this much, you might just find it difficult to stop painting. Even classic navy can take on a maximalist, over-the-top vibe when you let it bleed off the walls and onto architectural elements like fireplaces, furniture like wardrobes, the ceiling, and whatever else happens to get in your way.

The trick to keeping it calming? Be sure to intersperse some bright white to give the eye a break.

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Earth & Sky

If two wallpapers in one room sounds like overkill to you, clearly you've never encountered this room. Keeping the two wallcoverings in the same color family allows the effect to be eclectic but not overwhelming—plus, we love that these star and forest motifs are tied together by a natural element.

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Draw The Line

What's more synonymous with nautical stripes than navy? This playful bedroom takes the classic motif a step further with blue-painted wainscoting that mimics the look of the other fine lines in the space.

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Pop Art Perfection

Navy might have a reputation of being "traditional", but that only means more leeway when adding off-the-wall elements to this stately hue. Put another way? Go ahead and pack a ton of graphic patterns into your deep blue bedroom—the sky's the limit.

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