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These 9 Navy Paint Color Ideas Are Always In, According to Designers

navy paint colors

Courtesy of Becca Interiors

Navy is one of those colors that boasts the ability to evoke all kinds of emotions, depending on the tone. A deep blue hue is sometimes moody, always evocative, and continually proves to be both timeless and trendy. It works in both masculine and feminine spaces, as well as rooms large and small. It can also transform any backdrop, from your bedroom to your kitchen. With so many shades, tints, and tones available at our fingertips, where's a dweller and design enthusiast to begin? To make navigating a sea of deep blues a little bit smoother, we tapped interior designers for the best navy paint ideas to implement in your next room redesign. Their picks are just a scroll away.

  • Color Family: Blues
  • Complementary Color: Orange
  • Pairs Well With: Black, white, metallics, neutrals
  • Mood: Powerful, calming, sophisticated, and moody
  • Where to Use: Kitchen cabinets, accent walls, and dining rooms

Need a dose of navy in your life? Here are nine navy paint colors that interior designers can't seem to get enough of.

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Old Navy by Benjamin Moore

ben moore old navy

McFadden Living

"I can see dark navy blue becoming the new gray, which has become [bland] and overused. I love Old Navy by Benjamin Moore as a replacement," says Mary Maydan, founder and principal of Maydan Architects. "When looking for a bold color, dark gray feels unoriginal, but black can be too harsh. In our recent projects, we have been using navy blue as our go-to color to make a statement. It is ideal as a cool, calming color and as a bold design element." Maydan adds, "Additionally, navy blue is incredibly versatile and pairs beautifully with neutrals and bright colors. The color is great for accent walls and accessories, such as throws, pillows, chaises, and poufs. You can make it classy and chic or fun, energizing, and youthful."

old navy paint
Benjamin Moore Old Navy $50.00
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Navy Masterpiece by Benjamin Moore

navy wall and dresser

Becky Voboril

"I love navy because it has a traditional feel with an added punch," gushes Sarah Kennedy, Associate at CLB Architects. "Navy has a great depth, without being overly masculine or broody. Additionally, it is a flexible color that can work in a range of spaces. One of the great qualities of navy is that it can be used in any application … from cabinetry to a feature wall to room accessories, in a matte gloss, a high gloss, etc." She says, "You can use it as an accent wall in an urban apartment to create a modern feel, for example, or in a more remote location to make a connection to the outdoors." Kennedy recommends using Navy Masterpiece by Benjamin Moore in any room, from a sprawling primary bedroom to a kid's bedroom, because it "naturally exudes sophistication and never feels out of place."

Primary Bedroom

The term “Primary Bedroom” is now widely used to describe the largest bedroom in the home, as it better reflects the space’s purpose. Many realtors, architects, interior designers, and the Real Estate Standards Association have recognized the potentially discriminatory connotations in the term “Master.” Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge.

Navy Masterpiece paint
Benjamin Moore Navy Masterpiece $50.00
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Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

navy room

Rignell Ranch

Kate Lester, the owner of Kate Lester Interiors, tells us Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore "is honestly the perfect shade of blue." She says the shade is "deep enough to offer a great amount of contrast, but still boasts enough blue pigment that it never gets confused with black." Finally, Lester adds, "It pairs so well with a crisp white and is a constant fan favorite on our Instagram and Pinterest!"

hale navy
Benjamin Moore Hale Navy $50.00
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Naval by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin Williams Naval

Heidi Noelle Design

"Naval by Sherwin-Williams is my go-to navy color. I think it's a pure navy with the right hint of the dark sea and night sky, making for a luxurious backdrop for any space," says interior designer Maureen Stevens. "It's extremely versatile, whether your décor style is bohemian or sophisticated retreat."

Sherwin-Williams Naval $38.00 $29.00
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Mysterious by Benjamin Moore

blue book case

Design: M. Red Design; Photo: Meghan Weaver Photography

Karen B. Wolf, interior designer and creative principal of Karen B. Wolf Interiors, says, "Blue is my go-to design color and a personal favorite. It has become the new neutral due to its popularity. Like any color, blues have undertones and can travel the spectrum from warm to cool. And baby blues, gray-blues, spa blues, indigos, and navy blues are among the most popular shades we use." She describes Mysterious by Benjamin Moore as "an almost-black blue that is sophisticated and moody." If you're wondering where to use this deep, rich shade, Wolf says, "I suggest using this color for a butler pantry, powder room, or island cabinets."

Benjamin Moore Mysterious $50.00
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Gentleman's Gray by Benjamin Moore

benjamin moore gentelman's gray

Design: Christina Kim Interior Design / @ckiminteriordesign; Photo: Raquel Langworthy /

"I love the color Gentleman's Gray by Benjamin Moore," says Diana Weinstein, New-York based interior designer. "This is a navy that pulls some green undertones, which is why it's called 'gray,' but ultimately, it is a blackened blue that leans toward classic navy." She tells us Benjamin Moore describes this color as formal and masculine, making her think of tailored suits and traditional pea coats. But before you write off the shade as a color reserved for cigar lounges and man caves, Weinstein says, "I love it so much, I plan on using it in my dining room."

Gentleman's gray
Benjamin Moore Gentleman's Gray $50.00
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Scotch Blue by Farrow & Ball

scotch blue

Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

"Scotch Blue is a great blue because it's warm and very pigmented, as most Farrow & Ball paints are," explains Weinstein. "I love this deep blue color for a living room and for spaces intended to be more casual."

navy paint
Farrow & Ball Scotch Blue $110.00
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Gale Force by Sherwin-Williams

blue drawers

Honey Built Home

If you're in the market for a moody, grayish navy, consider it found. Weinstein tells us, "I love Gale Force by Sherwin-Williams because it's more of a smoky gray navy. It's a very soft shade and would look lovely in a beach house with driftwood elements."

Gale Force
Sherwin-Williams Gale Force $95.00 $71.00
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Black Sea by Porter's Paints

Black Sea

Courtesy of Porter's Paints

If you're looking to give your kitchen a refresh that's both on-trend and sure to stand the test of time, Eilyn Jimenez, founder and Creative Director of Sire Design, tells us that "Black Sea is the perfect blue to use on cabinetry." She describes it as "moody, deep, and very elegant. We used it recently in a high-lacquer finish for a bathroom vanity and also proposed it in a matte finish for a mudroom. Same color, different looks. It's the perfect shade of blue to really make a space stand out." Color us sold.

Black Sea
Porter's Paints Black Sea $57.00