Trend Alert: Neon Lights

There’s a bright new trend happening in interiors at the moment, and we highly suggest you get on board. Neon letters and symbols are no longer destined to live a dive-bar life: they’ve made their way to the walls of beautifully styled dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms in homes across the globe.

From the sweet (“love me” and “joy”) to the playful (“oops” and “let’s have a kiki”) to the provocative (“f*ck” and “who dares, wins”), there’s a brilliant catchphrase for all. And the best part? These wordy light fixtures can be customized to your specifications. While ready-made neon lights are available, many artists and retailers also craft bespoke lights with letters, colors, and fonts of your choice. That Neon Sign, Penny Farthing Design House, and Marcus Conrad Poston are a few of our favorites.

Scroll below to get inspired by stylish neon-lit interiors and shop a few bright pieces.