Why Nesting Is the New Going Out—and How to Get the Look at Home

Updated 05/01/19

While we all love a girls' night out or an intimate dinner with our S.O., our idea of a fun Friday night is a little less raucous. In fact, we don't even need to leave the house. It often involves '90s cult classics on Netflix, copious pots of tea, and faux-fur blankets, amid a curated interior worthy of Instagram.

And it turns out we're not alone in this homebody preference—there's even a name for it. According to the Well + Good 2017 wellness trend report, "nesting is the new going out." Millennials are blacking out their calendars and dialing back their social lives in search of "me time." Pinterest researcher Larkin Brown told Well + Good that self-care searches are up 121%—try these self-care rituals to become a happier and healthier person

"People are prioritizing personal comfort and a more casual approach to quality time with friends," she says. "'Girls' night in' is trending an upward of 35% year over year. Next year's going to be all about recharging." If this sounds like you, then read on for our tips on how to decorate your own cozy-chic space for a stylish night in this weekend.

Living Room

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Nicole Franzen

Whether you're planning a solo night in or a casual hang with friends, the living room is the perfect setting. Set the scene with mood lighting. No one wants harsh lights when they're trying to chill out. A pendant lamp will filter soft ambient rays across the room and infuse a calm zen vibe. While a sectional sofa and chairs are obvious picks for seating, ensure you offer alternative arrangements with a layered rug or a pouf that allows you or your guests to get comfortable. Throw pillows are also essential to ramp up the cozy factor.



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The bathroom is where nesting goes next-level. Make sure your "me time" here is spent bathing in luxury. Timber furniture and décor will add much-needed warmth and bring the outside in while you chill indoors. Surround yourself with hanging plants to cleanse the air and filter out any negative vibes, and then slip back into your freestanding tub, while a grand chandelier hangs above. Of course, not all of us have a space like this, so add in the elements your bathroom allows. Candles are also a great option while you soak the blues away.



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Nicole Franzen for J.M. Generals

If you want to escape the world, your boudoir is the perfect space to retreat to. It's our safe haven and our personal sanctuary. To maintain a zen mood in your bedroom, think like a minimalist and only add the essentials. Anything too cluttered is likely to stress you out, and that's what we're trying to avoid. Make sure you have a soft rug under your feet, a plant beside your bed for inspiration, and a textured wool throw to add that stylish, snug feel.

Dining Room

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Helynn Ospina for Homepolish

While the bedroom is where you can hide from the world and enjoy some much-needed solitude, the dining room is the perfect space to ramp it up a little and enjoy casual conversational. By yourself, this area is somewhere you can read, work, sip tea, or simply be in your own thoughts while eating a meal. With others, it's a place to entertain, enjoy wine or tea, and chat about life, career, health, and philosophy in the comfort of your own home. This light-filled example featured on Homepolish is the ideal setting to encourage all of the above with greenery, original art, natural warm wood vibes, and a sheepskin rug for that extra cozy feeling.



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Julia Robbs for Homepolish

If you love to cook, then your kitchen will be the central space where you hang out and indulge in some quality self-care. It's your chance to cook a new meal that will refuel your soul or boil the kettle for that second or third cup of tea. Have a designated space to stack your favorite cookbooks, a timber chopping block to prepare your new culinary experiments on, and a couple of barstools for your friends.


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Nicole Franzen for Domino

While the entryway is touted as a space to welcome guests to your home, it should also reflect the things you love and care about. Create an entrance that makes you sigh in relief and bliss that you've returned to your happy place. Add a stylish pendant lamp, an artistic wall hanging, and put some of your favorite things on display. Welcome back, homebody. 

Are you on board with the nesting trend? How do you create a cozy space at home?

This post was originally published on January 5, 2017, and has since been updated.

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