9 Game-Changing Netflix Hacks You Haven't Tried

While you may already have a few basic Netflix streaming hacks under your belt, there are always new feathers floating around the web to add to your digital cap. Are you prone to indecisiveness in the face of the ever-rotating library offerings? There's an app for that. Want the app to make distinctive content suggestions after intuiting your mood du jour? We've got the hack. Read our minds, beautiful machine.

Set a Mood Profile

One of the more ingenious hacks we've heard of late involves creating separate Netflix user profiles based on mood. Instead of assigning yourself a single user profile, create a host of identities for your emotional alter egos. Essentially your queue will devolve into the plot of Pixar's Inside Out. Happy may as well have its own lineup.

Eliminate Buffering Forever

This hack only works on a desktop computer; however, with a few simple steps, you can bypass the soul-crushingly monotonous waiting game that is buffering. To access buffering settings, hold down Shift+Alt and click on your screen. You'll be green-lit to binge on The Walking Dead without experiencing a streaming death rattle.

Unblock International Titles

Different countries have separate programming available. Smartflix allows you to bypass the U.S. content–only version, granting you full access to the complete worldwide library of shows, films, and documentaries. This is a must for foreign-film buffs.

Play Flix Roulette

If you find yourself overwhelmed by choice scrolling through a river of titles, consider the FlixRoulette App your Sorting Hat for entertainment. Set filters by director, actor, or keyword, and the app will generate a selection to fit your heart's desire. It's also a great way to discover lesser-known work from your favorite auteurs.

Get Virtual Add-Ons

Netflix's enhancement suite comes with some killer shortcut upgrades. The new edition allows you to add Rotten Tomatoes ratings to movie pop-ups and add a details link to covers so you can see reviews and episode lists without having to click on the title.

Video-Chat While You Watch

Rabbit will afford you the opportunity to revisit every episode of Friends while video-conferencing with your crew. The app launches a video pop-up visible by everyone in the group. So the next time your significant other implores you not to watch your mutual favorite show alone, just fire up a video chat.

Crowd-Source Your Queue

Reddit is essentially the oracle of the digital hemisphere. All the answers exist in its wake. If you're wondering what's new or what's good, check out the Best of Netflix thread for tried-and-true selections.

Sort Better, Faster, Stronger

Netflix's library is sorted by its own highly sophisticated range of genres and subgenres of categories. Much like with the Dewey decimal system, knowing the suffixes assigned to each mini category will allow you to sort as efficiently as possible. Super Browse is a plug-in that allows you to browse a litany of hidden categories. Simply install the extension on Chrome or Mozilla and you're good to go.

Use a Floating Browser Window

If you like to digest content while working on your desktop, Helium is a floating browser window that will keep you on task. The customizable translucency mode will not intercept mouse clicks while activated, so you can scroll, drag, finish your expense report… all without interrupting the media stream. When you're ready to interact with the browser again, just click on the icon in the dock and you're golden.

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