PSA: You Can Get Paid to Watch Netflix Because Dreams Really Do Come True

Because I'm Addicted

If you live to binge-watch your favorite TV shows and movies, becoming a "Netflix tagger" may be your new career aspiration. According to Fast Company, the content giant has a 30-person team whose job is to watch Netflix content and decide how it should be categorized. Essentially, their work is what determines how content shows up on your homepage when you're searching for something to watch.

"We work with a sprawling palette of tones and storylines to capture the spirit of our content, and when it comes to those sorts of tags, we can be more editorial," Netflix tagger Sherrie Gulmahamad tells Fast Company. The tags get extremely specific and are often comical. For example, romantic relationships must be split up between tags like doomed love, flings, and erotic encounters, and when it comes to supernatural content, taggers must distinguish between zombies, magical creatures, and evil kids.

If you think you've got what it takes to recognize the subtleties of everything from romantic comedies and extensive documentary series, you're in luck. Netflix is looking for more editorial analysts to take on tagging responsibilities at the company's Los Angeles offices, according to job listings posted on their website. Per the qualifications listed, they're looking for someone who is "passionate about movies and TV with a deep knowledge of the entertainment industry" and able to "distinguish nuances within different movie and TV genres." Basically, if you love binge-watching, this gig is for you.

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