Netflix Will Pay You $4000 to Instagram for 2 Weeks

Calling all wannabe Instagram stars! Money is reporting on Netflix’s cool new job opening. The multimedia company—after all, Netflix does a lot more than just stream videos these days—is looking for four lucky people to join its Grammasters program. To enter, tag the best photos in your Instagram feed with #grammasters3 by March 6. Netflix recommends "choosing photos that show off your interests and passions." If you don’t already follow Netflix on Instagram, you should do that, too. Netflix will pick 25 finalists by March 11, and these people will be vetted over Skype. The final four will be flown to Netflix’s sets in Europe for two weeks. The Grammasters will get paid $2000 per week to snap cool photos and post them on the photo-sharing app. Netflix has not released which sets the Grammasters will visit, but it promises that they will be of popular shows, films, and even Netflix originals.

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Would you be interested in the two-week gig?