Netflix Is a New Parent’s Dream—Here’s Why

The video-streaming site Netflix has just come in first place in terms of mom (and dad)–friendly companies. While some companies support in-office nurseries, Netflix is giving new meaning to the term work/life balance. The company announced Tuesday that it will be sponsoring unlimited paid maternity and paternity leave for all full-time employees. What does that mean? Well, if you are a new mom or dad while working at Netflix, you now have the option of taking off “however long you feel you need to” during your newborn’s first year of life.

Netflix recognizes that in order to keep the most talented individuals in their field at its company, its has to offer the best environment. The company also states, “Experience shows people perform better at work when they’re not worrying about home.”

We’d like to thank Netflix for “eliminating the headache of switching to state or disability pay” from new parents minds and, hopefully, for setting a nationwide trend that will support growing families at home and improve workflow at the office.

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