PSA: Your Bedroom Walls May Be Standing Between You and Better Sleep

Updated 10/19/18
Neutral Bedroom Colors
Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts

Every perfect serene bedroom starts with the right shade of paint. Anyone who has ever watched a popular home makeover TV show knows that neutral shades are often preferred in bedrooms for their power to calm a space. Feng shui masters have long pondered which shades to use in a bedroom and which ones to avoid—claiming that some help you wind down and relax while others only rile you up and make you restless. Just think about this: Would your mind immediately go to a cozy restful place if you walked into a bold firetruck-red bedroom? Probably not.

How do you pick the right neutral bedroom color to paint your walls then? It all starts by asking yourself what other colors will be in the space. Do you own mostly warm tones or cool hues? Are you a fan of all-white spaces? Do you get a ton of natural light or very little? Once you narrow down these answers, you can start to pick the best color for you. Ahead, we highlighted some of the best neutral bedroom colors for all types of spaces and noted what colors to pair them with.

Clare Snow Day $49

Crisp white walls are ideal for a bedroom with lots of natural light—giving the space a bright and airy feel. Snow Day has just a touch of warmth to liven it up.

Clare Turbinado $49

Use this deep warm beige along with other warm neutrals like camel, rust, and tan to create the perfect intimate bedroom bathed in warm honey hues.

Clare Headspace $49

This soft and airy blue-green hue brings a sense of calm to any space. Use it with warm white tones to create a serene sanctuary. 

Clare Whipped $49

Dreamy and whisked-to-perfection, this warm white would cast a soft, delicate feel on any space. It's also the best white for north-facing rooms.

Clare Neutral Territory $49

This sandy beige asserts itself with subtle red undertones that would cast a neutral and natural hue on any bedroom.

Use this sandy beige alongside other warm tones to create the perfect monochrome bedroom.

Clare Timeless $49

If pure white is too bright for you, opt for an off-white like this timeless hue with creamy undertones. This inviting shade envelops your space in warmth and reflects light beautifully—creating the perfect backdrop for a serene bedroom.

Clare Penthouse $49

Airy and refined, this ultra-pale gray is the perfect mix of warm and cool—and brings a sophisticated vibe to any space. Picture it in an elegant moody penthouse bedroom and use it with other warm gray shades and a few brass accents.

Clare Fresh Kicks $49

Crisp like a fresh pair of white sneakers straight out the box, this pure white is the ideal hue for a minimalistic, modern space. Use it with other hues on the grayscale to create eye-catching contrast.

If you’re still weighing how much color to put in that sanctuary space we all know and love, you can also check out the bathroom paint colors interior designers swear by.

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