Foolproof Tips for a Magazine-Worthy Neutral Space

Bold colors and statement hues may ignite a passion for some, but a well-designed neutral interior is an art form all its own. Creating a limited-palette place may seem easy, but getting results that aren't dull is harder than you'd think. Heed the following advice for a space that is successfully neutral, and not a bit boring. _1

 Although going neutral is all about restricting your color palette, there is no need to restrict your shading. Choosing a variety of neutral shades, from dark to light, is key in keeping the space interesting. An all beige room will put you to sleep, but add in some contrast with a dark brown chair or a charcoal gray focal wall and the room will come alive.

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Tasseled Cushion, $60, Zara Home Rondin Stool, $350, Calypso St. Barth Coast Swivel Chair, $995, Jayson Home
_2 There are only so many design elements to work with: color, pattern, texture, and scale. By limiting the use of color, other elements must have a larger presence. Texture is perhaps the most important. Incorporate a variety of textures to add depth and intrigue, from worn leather, to raw wood, to a nubby sisal rug. The rule when incorporating texture in a neutral space? More is more.
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Steve Leather Chair, $750, HD Buttercup Jute Border Rug, From $48, Serena & Lily Linen Duvet Set, $99, H&M Home
_3 An all white home with stainless steel and concrete finishes is technically neutral, but without any elements of warmth it will feel more like a hospital: sterile and cold. Warm up the space with natural hues by adding in wood furniture, flooring, or wall treatments; as well as other materials like wool, stone, and leather. Any earthy element will make the room feel comfortable.
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