This Elegant Upgrade Can Transform Your Space in More Ways Than You Think


Courtesy of Amber Interiors

Interior designers will often tell you that the biggest decorating mistake they notice in people's homes is an area rug that is too small for the room. This common decorating mishap is an easy one to make—especially when looking at the exponential price of rugs with regards to their sizes. Thus, a 5-by-8-inch rug for $249 may seem much more enticing than the exact same 8-by-10-inch rug priced at $499, and that's exactly why this decorating faux pas is so common.

If you think you may be making this mistake in your own space, a rug upgrade has the potential to seriously transform your space for the better. And if you're concerned about finding a rug that will last you a long time and move with you through multiple décor iterations, consider a neutral rug. Flatweave dark rugs are typically hard-wearing and have the ability to hide scuffs and stains, while a lighter rug has the power to lighten up a dark room. Ready to make the upgrade? We rounded up our favorite neutral rugs on the market right now.

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