I Never Entertain Without My Effortlessly Chic, Heirloom Quality Nambé Serveware



Having serveware you love is a great excuse to invite people over for a dinner party or game night. I’m not kidding. I get so excited to have people over just so I can use my Nambé serveware. When I was choosing items for my wedding registry almost five years ago, these were some of the gifts I was most excited about. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using these pieces for the rest of my life. And gladly so.

There are so many things to love about the entire Nambé collection, but one of the biggest draws of the brand as a whole is that every item coordinates without actually matching. At the same time, it’s entirely effortless. While I love my place settings (which are not Nambé), I didn’t want to have a table where every piece matched perfectly.

Scoop Server

The Scoop Server is one of Nambé’s most iconic pieces. Made of alloy and designed by Wei Young, the mid-century modern-style piece is one of the most, if not the most, dramatically designed pieces of serveware I’ve ever seen. It’s the only drama you should welcome at a party.

As practical as it is beautiful, this server is ideal for anything that needs to be dipped, such as chips and salsa, chips and guacamole, crackers and hummus, or artichoke dip and crudités.

The mid-century modern-style piece is one of the most, if not the most, dramatically designed pieces of serveware I’ve ever seen. It’s the only drama you should welcome at a party.

If you love this piece so much you want to keep it out all of the time (I can’t blame you), Nambé suggests filling it with stones and a tea light. If you only ever buy one piece of Nambé, this is the one to go for. There’s also a mini version.

If you like the idea of the Scoop Server but want something that’s next level modern, the Drift Chip & Dip will check all of the boxes.

Salad Bowls With Servers

The Scoop Server coordinates perfectly with the metal accents on the serving pieces in the Yaro Salad Bowl set. Designed by Sean O’Hara, this is such a practical piece for dinner parties or for larger families to use every day. I even use mine for summer barbecues because it’s made of acacia wood, as opposed to glass. (It’s best to avoid using glass outside because if it breaks, you'll have a disaster on your hands).

This bowl makes your food look better because the color of the wood contrasts with the vegetables so they pop—making it a great go-to for social media posts.

The cut of the wood is simple, yet bold. The Butterfly Salad Bowl is similar but has a slightly different shape. However, the serving utensils have curved handles as opposed to round ones.

The Harmony 3-Piece Salad Set is made entirely of acacia wood, including the servers. I don’t personally have this piece, but a good friend does and it’s just as beautiful as the other bowl sets, but more budget-friendly. In fact, all of Nambé’s salad bowls come with two servers, so you can feel a little less guilty if the purchase is a splurge.

Skye Wood Tiered Dessert Stand

I’ve bought this dessert stand as a gift on two different occasions (so, if you were wondering, it’s definitely on my wish list). Both people I gifted it to have very different styles—one modern, one traditional). However, they both appreciated it equally. It’s a truly versatile gift you can’t go wrong with. Seriously, what’s not to like?

This stand is great for serving cookies or macarons, especially any that are a bright color. It could even be useful for serving mini scones or muffins if you have people over for breakfast.

Designed by Robin Levien, it was inspired by the landscape and hills of the Isle of Skye.

Braid Marble Cheese Board With Knife

There’s nothing cheesy about this cheese board. It might be the most sophisticated cheese board I’ve ever seen. With braided chrome handles, your cheese just might taste even better than usual. The detailing on the knife is another upgraded touch of this set. Designed by Sean O’Hara, it’s large enough for several blocks of cheese or perhaps even slices of prosciutto, so go all out and make it a charcuterie plate.

Braid Condiment Server

Serving condiments can be a nuisance because most bowls are too large and you end up wasting food. The Braid Condiment Server has three connected acacia wood bowls with a braided accent that matches the cheeseboard.

Can’t decide between regular, red pepper, and garlic hummus? You won’t need to. These bowls can also be used for sugar and sugar alternatives when serving coffee or tea.

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