A Creative New App Turns Your Empty Garage Into an Airbnb for Cars

Updated 09/23/16
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Your cluttered garage could be your home's greatest asset—or at least new startup GaragePointer thinks so. The garage rental service, described as the "Airbnb for cars" by Elle Decor's Kelsey Kloss, allows users to rent out their garage space to stranded cars in need, playing the role of matchmaker between car owners and homeowners with underutilized storage space.

"GaragePointer matches Americans that have surplus parking with neighbors in need of safe and convenient places to keep a vehicle, either short or long term," reads the GaragePointer website. "Car collectors, enthusiasts, or those who just care about their vehicles can now find neighborhood storage space with homeowners who have unused or underutilized garage space." The app positions its service as an inexpensive, practical alternative to renting a storage space, which can be unsafe and inconvenient.


Here's how it works: Those in need of a place to park their car can simply browse listings on the GaragePointer website or app, send in a garage request, and book a storage space on an as-needed basis. Garage owners, on the other hand, can create a free listing highlighting the "notable features" of their storage space, accept and reject submitted offers, and eventually work out a schedule and payment plan with their new renter. Once a deal is made, the service takes $20 of each successful transaction.


While GaragePointer is only available in California, Oregon, and Washington right now, it will spread throughout the U.S. later this summer, according to Fox News.

Considering the millions of people clustered in America's largest cities with limited space and parking, it makes sense that car storage would become a more prevalent issue. The app provides a sustainable solution not just for those in need of parking space, but also for those with underutilized garages—some 50% of residential garages in the United States store anything and everything but cars, according to Kloss. The new service aims to ensure that people don't give up the convenience of having a car simply due to a perceived lack of space.

Would you list your empty garage on GaragePointer? Share your thoughts with us; then shop our favorite car accessory here.

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