The Hottest New Books on Our Radar

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Beyond Chic: Great Fashion Designers at Home (out now from Vendome Press), $85

THE SHORT OF IT: A fascinating look into the private residences of some of fashion's most influential designers, tastemakers, and stylists from photographer Ivan Terestchenko. This volume of eye candy spans both the globe and a wide array of décor styles, highlighting the diversity of the residents and their corresponding brands. BUY IT FOR: A favorite fashionista who could use some interior inspiration. QUOTABLE: "Although it is about interiors, the book is not about decoration. I have tried to capture the spirit of the homes of these great fashion designers because first of all they are true artists and as such whatever they touch they do it with all their heart and skill. Their homes are where they find inspiration, nourish their creativity, nurse their doubts. It is the less public face of their world, it speaks eloquently of who they are when alone." - Ivan Terestchenko
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Damien Hirst ABC (Out now from Abrams Books), $23

THE SHORT OF IT: From one of the most iconic artists of our time comes an artistic alphabet book aimed at art lovers of all ages. Never have we seen the alphabet spelled out with such compelling corresponding visuals - this is a picture book we're happy to share with our less than well-behaved toddler friends.

BUY IT FOR: Your finger-painting, albeit sophisticated, nephew. QUOTABLE: "Y is for Yellow." - Damien Hirst
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 The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook (Out now from Clarkson Potter), $50

THE SHORT OF IT: Famed New York City culinary institution, Gramercy Tavern, has opened its doors to readers sharing personal stories on the history of the restaurant and, of course, crowd-pleasing recipes aimed to bring the warmth of the tavern to your own home. We may not all qualify for six James Beard Awards like the restaurant has won in its 19-year history, but here's to trying.

BUY IT FOR: The farmers-market-loving home chef who digs a good read. QUOTABLE: "When you chose to eat food from local sources, not only are you treating yourself to exceptional flavors, but you are learning about the story behind the food. The fact that you're cooking with great ingredients is more important than getting the recipes right. You can't screw them up." - Michael Anthony
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The Wes Anderson Collection (Out now from Abrams Books), $40

THE SHORT OF IT: We're big fans of Wes Anderson's visually stunning, emotional, and slyly humorous films, so when this volume of unpublished photos and conversations with Anderson became available we knew we had to have it. Not only do the photos and artwork convey the same sense of wonder and wisdom we experience when watching the filmmaker's work, but the look into his life, inspirations, and career are making us anticipate his next movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, even more feverishly.

BUY IT FOR: Your inner child. QUOTABLE: "I used to draw houses where you could see inside, and boats and things -- I've always liked those kinds of views. And The Life Aquatic was inspired first by a character -- somebody like Jacques Cousteau -- but also by an idea about a boat that's been cut in half. I mean, that was the beginning of the movie, those two things." - Wes Anderson
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Stephen Sills: Decoration (Out now from Rizzoli), $65

THE SHORT OF IT: American designer Stills' work is always a harmonious combination of tasteful antiques, luxe textures, and striking art. This latest compilation showcases 16 homes in varying locations. With photography by Francious Halard and a forward by Karl Lagerfeld, this tome is a must -see for design aficionados.

BUY IT FOR: The modern day Jane Austen QUOTABLE: "One wants to live in a house or an apartment designed by [Stephen Sills] . . . Should I do a place in America (and Stephen is a 100 percent American interior designer in the best sense of the word), I would ask him to help me to make the place perfect." - Karl Lagerfeld Photographs: Ivan Terestchenko, Damien HirstMaura McEvoyLaura WilsonFrançois Halard