It's Official: These Are the New Emoji of 2016

With the approval of 72 brand-new emoji comes the life-changing revelation that you, too, can design your own emoji character.

The Unicode Consortium, also known as a squad of California-based engineers with a lot of time on their hands, recently released a list of new emoji. The list includes a "stayin' alive" figure, a "hand with crossed fingers" and the obvious—an "arm taking a selfie."

But the engineers didn't reveal everything all at once. They postponed the release of the "dumpling," the "fortune cookie," and the "face with one eyebrow raised," according to San Franciscobased blog SFist.

While we now have the "vomiting face," the "facepalm," and four different highly-detailed renditions of a pickle (thanks, we get it), the Google-proposed working-woman emoji have yet to be approved. As it currently stands, women are depicted as princesses, salsa dancers, or permanently at the salon.

Thankfully, emoji-crafting is a democracy, not a dictatorship. The Unicode Consortium has since opened the suggestion box to the public, believing that everyone should have a say in which emoji populate their phone screens.

"A lot of people are surprised that anyone can propose an emoji," said Unicode Consortium President Mark Davis in an interview with ABC News. Davis is one of the 11 engineers that pay $18,000 a year for exclusive emoji-voting privileges. "We were taken a bit surprised by how quickly it developed."

Let us know which emoji your phone needs, and shop a durable cover below.