The Dreamy New England Road Trip That Made Me Fall in Love With the East Coast

If you're from California, you probably have a profound relationship with driving. While a daily commute might not be knee-bucklingly romantic, we Californians feel a certain attachment to our cars, and when we get to bring them out on the open road, a mere drive becomes a meditative, freeing experience. That's no surprise when you consider how the highways run parallel to the majestic Pacific Ocean, wind through vast valleys, and snake up mountains canopied in green. Every route is the scenic route. 

As you can probably gauge, California's endless road trip destinations made it a very special place to live. So when I moved to New York City, I found myself craving the freedom and fun of a road trip. Not quite sure where to go, I worked with Pack Up + Go and rented a red Mustang convertible to plan a road trip that would prove this side of the country has just as many dreamy road trip destinations as my home state. Though it's safe to say that nothing can replace the cherished car that stuck with me from high school through college and my first job, this one was a runner-up, and while I'll always be partial to California's magnificent landscape, I ended up falling in love with New England while exploring it by car.

So if you find yourself on the East Coast and want to plan a New England road trip, read through the destination guides below. These quaint, picturesque towns are definitely worth the drive.