5 Things to Talk About Today

  • The NYPD has been accused of editing its own Wikipedia page. To downplay reports of police brutality, the force has allegedly been changing entries which cast them in a less-than-positive light. — Gawker

  • President Obama reads mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel. See how the Commander-in-Chief responds to his online critics. — YouTube

  • Disney has confirmed there will be a Frozen 2. Kids everywhere rejoice in song. — Variety

  • Photos have surfaced of a new island in the South Pacific. Formed following a volcanic eruption, the island is a part of the Tonga nation and is less than three months old. — NBC News

  • Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is investing in Snapchat with a $15 billion valuation. This comes on the heels of the social media newcomer rejecting a $3 billion buyout from Facebook. — CNBC