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The New “It Plants” You Need to Know, According to Experts

Bedroom with philodendron plant.

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Whether you’re an experienced plant parent or are just beginning to discover your green thumb, you’ve likely noticed that particular species have been especially popular at certain times—remember a few years ago when everyone you knew owned either a monstera or a fiddle leaf fig?

But, has the fiddle leaf bubble burst? Not totally, but the species isn’t the only “it-plant” these days. To learn more and find out exactly which other plants are having a moment in the sun, we spoke with Bloomscape’s Plant Mom Joyce Mast and Jungle and Loom owner Anna Johnston.

Meet the Expert

  • Joyce Mast is Bloomscape’s resident Plant Mom, an expert who curates and cares for the plants in their greenhouse.
  • Anna Johnston is the owner of Jungle and Loom, a women-owned small business in Washington D.C.
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The Ficus Audrey

Mast says that fiddle leaf figs are “still a fan favorite,” and Johnston also sees them sell frequently at her store. However, Johnston says that the ficus Audrey—a cousin of the fiddle leaf fig—is “coming to a peak.”

She adds, “They are actually prettier, in my opinion, and easier to care for. They tend to cost a bit more, though, since they are more rare.”

Ficus Audrey
The Sill Ficus Audrey $40.00
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Rare Plants

“Rare plants—all aroids and philodendrons—are very in right now,” Johnston explains. “People are gravitating away from plants you find in offices as they are looking to be more adventurous with plants. In the past, the goal was to have something green in a space, whereas now, people actually enjoy plants—they want to interact with them, and it’s more like a hobby.”

Philodendron Lemon Lime
Bloomscape Philodendron Lemon Lime $35.00
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The ZZ Plant and Bamboo Palm

However, newbies may still desire a low-maintenance green friend. “We’ve seen an uptick in new plant parents," Mast says. "People are spending more time at home, and many are starting off with plants that are easy to care for."

She cites these two types of plants, the ZZ and Bamboo Palm, as examples.

ZZ Plant
Rooted ZZ Plant $20.00
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The Money Tree

This was one of Bloomscape’s top-selling plants in 2020: the species is said to bring positive energy and good luck to the owner, something we could all use a little more of. But, perhaps sales were simply based on the plant’s physical attributes.

“It is well-loved for its braided trunks, glossy green leaves, and ability to thrive in low-light environments,” Mast explains.

Money Tree
The Sill Money Tree $54.00
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The Monstera Deliciosa

Customers are still enjoying this tropical-looking, fast growing plant, Mast says. “We have seen an increase in other monstera varieties such as the adansonii, which is just as carefree, but a smaller, more compact version with oblong narrower leaves,” she adds. “They also trail over the pot and can climb along a trellis or stake.”

Large Monstera plant.
Bloomscape Large Monstera $150.00
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The Burgundy Rubber Tree

This “spectacular indoor plant” remains a favorite, Mast says. “Relatively low maintenance, it can handle lower light but when placed in a brighter spot with indirect light the leaves display more of the rich deep crimson colored foliage.”

Burgundy Rubber Tree
Bloomscape Large Burgundy Rubber Tree $150.00