9 Must-Have Lighting Pieces From the Fashion Week of Furniture

We've just returned from the annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York City, the biggest showcase of modern furniture in the States. See below for our top picks of standout lighting pieces from the show.

Atelier de Troupe

Belise Lighting Atelier de Troupe

Name , Location ST , Architect

Ettore Pendant OTTO by Andrew Franz


Tripp Pendants Pelle


Cintola Pendants Tom Kirk

Brendan Ravenhill -PC333-02_2048x2048

Pivot Chandelier Brendan Ravenhill

Matter Made 15-ICFF-Matter-Made

Discus LED Lighting by Jamie Gray Matter Made

Michele Varian copperpendantdisc_1024x1024

Copper Disk Pendant Michele Varian

Rich Brilliant Willing group-54_silo2_grande

Mori Pendants Rich Brilliant Willing


Horsehair Sconce Apparatus Studio

Which piece is your favorite? Share your own picks in the comments!