This Old-School Gadget Is Making a Big Comeback

There was a time when practically every household had a Polaroid camera to document birthday parties, Christmas mornings, and sunny Sundays at the beach. However, with the rise of smartphones, Polaroid was virtually put out of business. But today, Business Insider is reporting that the camera company is back with a new product set to shake up the photography industry. The Polaroid Snap is a camera that instantly prints physical photos but doesn’t require any ink. The slim white rectangular-shaped camera has rounded edges and uses a special photo paper made of heat-activated colored-dye crystals. When you take a picture, the printer warms the crystals and renders the image without using ink. According to Business Insider, Polaroid is “focusing on rekindling the photo-printing magic that the company became famous for.” The story does not mention the cost of the Snap, but I'm thinking it will be somewhat reasonable, as it’s clearly a product geared toward a younger generation.

Keep a small sleek camera like the Snap in a pretty pouch.

Would you get a new-age Polaroid?