A Surprising New Way to Drink Your Lemon Water

Lemon water—hot, cold, or tepid—has long been lauded as the elixir of life… or at least the best thing you can drink first thing in the morning and all day long. Handmade lemonade, on the other hand, is rarely praised, because it requires so many lemons. Well, we have a mind-blowing recipe that combines the benefit of lemon water with the taste of lemonade in one delicious and wonderfully low-maintenance beverage. Enter the blender lemonade.


            1 lemon (yes, only 1)

            2 cups water

            1 handful ice cubes

            Sugar to taste


Thoroughly wash and scrub your lemon. You’ll be using the entire fruit, so make sure it’s squeaky clean. Use a paring knife to cut the lemon into quarters, and remove the seeds and pith. Toss your lemon chunks, ice cubes, and sugar in a blender, and blend until your heart desires (about 1 minute for an extra-smooth concoction). Voilà! A wonderfully refreshing and nutritious citrus mocktail is yours. Add a sprig of mint for an extra dash of glamour. 

For the full recipe, head over to Pinch of Yum.

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Are you a citrus fanatic? What do you think of this twist on lemon water?