New Ways to Save (and Still See It All) in NYC

There’s no question New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and it’s easy to blow all of your heard-earned dough even during a quick trip. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to advancements in technology and general improvements in and around the Big Apple, there are plenty of new ways to survive the city on a budget. AOL recently shared a few tried-and-true tips for ways to save funds while having fun in the city that never sleeps. Check them out below.

  • Look for alternative lodging. Even the most “inexpensive” hotels in NYC will cost you a pretty penny for a single night's stay. Fortunately, plenty of the city’s hostels have undergone chic upgrades, and tons of apartments are popping up for short-term rentals on Airbnb and other online sites these days. Booking a room outside of the city (think Brooklyn and other boroughs) is another option as long as you've planned out and researched available means of transportation in advance.
  • Expand your appetite. Expensive restaurants are certainly not the only way to eat well in NYC. Culinary markets packed with different purveyors (Gotham West Market, Gansevoort Market, and UrbanSpace Vanderbilt) provide plentiful options from all over the map for better prices. The city’s food truck scene can also be the source of surprisingly high-end edible options, and most trucks provide their locations via social media. Bet you didn’t realize some of the most authentic and delicious ramen dishes can be found in Queens; the same goes for curry restaurants in Murray Hill. Look beyond the top trendy restaurants to save money without sacrificing your palate.
  • Remember to research ahead of time. You’ll be surprised by how many expenses you can avoid with a bit of advanced planning. Most museums, restaurants, and even Broadway shows provide certain deals during specific days or hours, so try to take advantage of those. With a set plan, you’ll also be able to purchase the appropriate amount of MetroCard rides, which will take you anywhere in the city for much less than a car or cab.
  • Find the free stuff. Believe it or not, you can discover some of the best of NYC without spending a dime. Explore the beautiful parks, quirky neighborhoods, and other architectural wonders, like the High Line, without any fees. There are also plenty of free outdoor and indoor concerts and live shows at many venues around the city that will be music to your ears.

For more on new ways to discover the city on the cheap, head over to And be sure to do your research before you go with these 22 travel tips to save money in NYC.

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