The New Wellness Products Everyone's Talking About in 2018

Updated 09/15/19

"New Year, new you," might be a tired January mantra, but there's no doubt that turning the calendar makes us want to focus on self-improvement. Whether that means committing to an all-out diet transformation or simply trying to log a few more steps each day, the latest slew of health and well-being products makes it easier to stick to your resolution beyond the first month.

Expect to see product innovations that will simplify your routine. Subscription services continue to dominate the space, as newcomer brand Billie makes delivery shavers cool, and Lola ensures you never get caught without a tampon again. There's a focus on refining our relationship with alcohol, too, with the world's first non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip, set to change the meaning of happy hour, and natural hangover drink Morning Recovery making next-day regret a thing of the past. Take note, early adopters: These are the cool health and wellness innovations everyone's talking about in 2018.

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Last-Minute CVS Trips Will Be a Thing of the Past

Billie Starter Kit
Billie Starter Kit $9

If the latest health startups indicate one thing, it's that automation is on the rise. That means you can say buh-bye to tedious life admin like picking up razor heads and tampons from CVS. Billie, which makes "razors built for womankind," is fighting the pink tax with well-designed, high-quality shaving supplies starting at $9. Women's razors cost 10% to 15% more than men's—not cool.

Let's not forgot Lola, too. The next-gen tampon company fills a major gap in the market by delivering organic tampons to your door each month, just before your period. Genius.

Cannabis Pens Are Coming to a Purse Near You

Dosist Calm Dose Pen
Dosist Calm Dose Pen $100

As more states legalize medical marijuana, our perception of (and access to) science-backed products will continue to change. One brand that's caught our attention is Dosist (formerly Hmbldt), which delivers single-dose vaporizer pens containing cannabis that's been engineered to make you feel sleepy, calm, or even relieved of pain without getting high. Remember this brand: The company made headlines in 2016 when Time named it one of the best inventions of the year.

Sheet Masks for Your Belly Will Be a Thing

Hatch Beauty Belly Oil
Hatch Beauty Belly Oil $58

Gone are the days when getting pregnant meant tapping your mom friends for their stretch-mark home remedies and obscure product recommendations. Enter Hatch Mama, a pregnancy beauty line launching this month that makes plant-based products tailored to moms-to-be. Think sheet masks for your belly to reduce stretch marks, a lip balm that doubles as a nipple ointment, and belly oil that calms inflammation and relieves itching.

Hangovers Are on the Way Out

Morning Recovery 6 Pack
Morning Recovery 6 Pack $30

Alcohol is a major focus for health brands in 2018, and if you're not quite prepared to ditch drinking for good, Morning Recovery will make you feel a little bit better about your life choices. The hangover drink is formulated by Jing Liang, MD, a USC scientist who has published papers on herbal hangover remedies. "Morning Recovery is formulated to help metabolize ethanol (alcohol) faster and flush it out of our body," explains founder and CEO Sisun Lee.

The hero ingredient, a flavonoid called Dihydromyricetin (DHM), helps break down toxins that cause cellular inflammation, "resulting in effects like sweating, nausea, and vomiting," he explains. "DHM also minimizes alcohol's influence on glutamate production, minimizing the next-day headache." Sounds like a win-win.

Shopping for Sex Toys Won't Make You Cringe

Unbound The Bean
Unbound The Bean $29

Female masturbation is totally normal, and brands like Unbound are working to break the taboo. The sexual wellness startup for women offers curated boxes delivered to your door and raised $2.7 million late last year. Founder Polly Rodriguez told Tech Crunch she hopes it'll evolve into Planned Parenthood 2.0, where women can get mammograms, pap smears, and other "things women dread."

This year will also see a rise in new technology to enhance intimacy postpartum, during menopause, or after a cancer diagnosis, says Mary Jane Minkin, MD, clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine. She told us that Fiera is a product to watch. "This device basically works as a small cup that you place over the clitoris, and it generates a little 'vacuum,' so it stimulates the flow of blood to the area around the clitoris, improving sexual response," she tells MyDomaine. "The great thing [is that] it's safe for all women to use, including women who are cancer survivors who may be concerned about hormonal use."

Staying Sober Will Be Easier (and Tastier) Than Ever

Seedlip Spice 94
Seedlip Spice 94 $40

If your biggest barrier to partaking in Dry January is that you don't want to skip social events, get to know Seedlip. The world's first distilled non-alcoholic spirit is making its way to bar carts and cocktail lounges across the U.S. with the support of Diageo. "For them to make their first investment in 257 years in a non-alcoholic product is a great marker for us in terms of the way the world is changing," founder Ben Branson told Elle Australia.

Now for the real question: Does it actually taste good? Well, party girl, Kate Moss buys it by the case, and Demi Moore apparently "stole" a bottle from the supermodel's home because she loved it so much. Choose from wood-, spice-, and citrus-infused Spice 94 or leaf, herb, and pod Garden 108.

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