The New Wellness Products Everyone's Talking About in 2018

"New Year, new you," might be a tired January mantra, but there's no doubt that turning the calendar makes us want to focus on self-improvement. Whether that means committing to an all-out diet transformation or simply trying to log a few more steps each day, the latest slew of health and well-being products makes it easier to stick to your resolution beyond the first month.

Expect to see product innovations that will simplify your routine. Subscription services continue to dominate the space, as newcomer brand Billie makes delivery shavers cool, and Lola ensures you never get caught without a tampon again. There's a focus on refining our relationship with alcohol, too, with the world's first non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip, set to change the meaning of happy hour, and natural hangover drink Morning Recovery making next-day regret a thing of the past. Take note, early adopters: These are the cool health and wellness innovations everyone's talking about in 2018.